Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reflections in the moment.

As a mom I have so many moments where I sit back and just listen to the wonder that God has blessed me with. My children. And in that moment I am amazed at how many things God can show me about real life and his heart for HIS children.

Today I am listening to my girls play in the back room. Their little voices masked in all sorts of different characters makes me giggle and enjoy them even more. They are such happy little girls. I love that the greatest challenges that they need to face right now is deciding how to treat each other with kindness, to share and to include each other in what they are doing.

Being their mom, I try to take the opportunities that I can to teach them in moments of either silly or deliberate choice or unfortunately sad or heartbreaking situation, to make the best decision to handle each problem. No matter what has happened my heart is to be there for them and help them get through it, whether or not it was created by their own demise. The challenge for me as a mom is to allow those moments where they have made a bad decision effect them in a negative way(which creates a positive outcome) in order to learn from the experience and not just remove them from it. I want them to become radiant women who learn with grace through all circumstances.

I love that God does that for us all the time. That he doesn't just merly remove us from circumstances but gives us the grace and ability to go through it in order to learn and become a better person. To become someone who shines with a "joy" even though things seem to be difficult.

As I am reflecting through the years of moments where God has allowed me to go through something, I am realizing how different each out come is depending on where my heart has been positioned to react out of. In a bad decision I have chosen to harden my heart and unfortunately I have found myself in that same lesson again and again until I have humbled myself and allowed God to challenge my motives and actions. I am also reminded of hard experience where I have chosen to be negative and had a unbelievably hard time getting through it. Then another heartbreaking time when I just relaxed and allowed the Holy Spirit to move in my life and it end up being one of the most beautiful experiences of God's love and grace on my life that I have ever had up to this point.

Life truly is unpredictable. And we all make silly decisions at times. I am reminded in this moment of looking at a practical example, how important it is to be prepared to react in humility, grace and joy in all situations. Just like I am trying teaching my children to do. The more I read about how to be a good parent the more I realize that the #1 thing to do is to set the example by my actions. Show them how to live and how to react by how I live and react.


  1. Nic, you are wise beyond your years. Each time I read a blog I am reminded of how we should all live. How we should all treat life! Once again I walk away feeling refreshed and my cup has been filled with peace!
    Thank you.
    ps. you should really write a book!

  2. Loved reading this today :D