Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby #5 is here!!!

I am so excited to announce that I am now a mommy of five!!!

Shaylee Carmen Brodrecht was born on October 19th at 9:55pm. At a wonderful 9lbs. It was such an incredible experience only being 2hrs long. I was in shock at how fast she came. Adam and I we were still in the fun high fiving giggling stage when she came, not expecting that at all. But, she decided it was time. It was so cool, I was still aware and enjoying every moment when she came. I now look back amazed at how perfect of a memory it now is. Shaylee is 18 days old now and time seems to still be flying by.

Today I decided to go through the baby clothes that I haven't sorted out yet from all the other girls and my heart was being tugged on. So many little sleepers and outfits. I remember putting them on all of the other girls, just looking at the tiny little pieces filled me with so many emotions. My babies are becoming big girls. Sigh. I am now starting understand what so many mothers have said time and time again about looking back and be amazed at how fast time went by. I was remembering Leanna's incredible baby giggle and furrowed brow. I remembered kissing Cadence's lovely chin. Rayne's first bath and her distinct "ehh" and Kassia's constant smiles. The list goes on and on with all the wonderful memories and stories that I want to remember for a lifetime.

Being a mom is so full of emotions. I pray that the time I have with my girls is a direct reflection of the perfect experience of the birth of our last little pudding in pink. I pray that we are aware and enjoying every moment. That when the girls are all grown up we will look back amazed, still being in a high fiving, giggling stage. Right now it seems like a romantic notion that that will be the case. But so far God has answered my prayers with each experience that I am purposeful to leave in Gods hands. I choose to see every "labour pain" as a step closer to seeing the beautiful birth of five young ladies who have a strong character, deep convictions and life long passions.

I love being a mom.

What are some of your memories? Prayers for your kids?

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