Thursday, March 17, 2011


You know it might just be that time of year... been a long winter and spring just hasn't quite sprung yet. Or possibly a bit of mommy blues from being tired, five sick kids, one of which is still loving mommy time at 4am. Or the fact that my family is knee deep in changes. Whatever it is ... I been feeling a bit... well to be honest. Lonely. And there is lots of reasons why and yet none that really give an excuse to be .... here it is again... "lonely." Maybe it's just me but I hate admitting that I might be a little bit but still tangably noticably... lonely.

I seem to recall a few years back feeling the same thing. I was lacking in the connections that most people need in order to live a fulfilled life. Friendship. With Facebook taking over the phone, I have recently been confronted with the fact that as much as I LOVE being able to connect over the Internet. It's just a tool. That's all, a tool. (I apologize for all you who have already been down this road and gained this specific revelation...bare with me) Although I understand the logistics of FB and the place that is should be with in the connection between people. I still find myself, not taking the time to pick up the phone or booking the time to get together. The convenience seems conclude the decision.

We live in worldview that tends to lift up the power of the excuse. "But you are so busy." "You have your hands full." "You don't have any time." "Priority is career." "You are an independent women." "You can do life on your own." "You don't really need girlfriends." The list could go on and on. But for me at least the reality of needing people in my life stands as clear as day. God has created women in such a way that we are innately made to need the connection with other women. The encouragement of other women in my life has stood the test of time. To have my mother, my mother in-law, women who have been where I am going, those who are living life with me and those who are coming up behind me growing into the beautiful new stages of womanhood. I have no excuse!!!

Now all those that know me... know I love to chat. I love being with people and being able to discuss things, listen, and then chat some more while striving to get to know someone better. The connection time with other women, moms, friends... I think stirs a passion for our generation of women. Which brings me to state the fact that not all ladies will have the same desire for the extent of connection time that I do. But I believe we all need to acknowledge that we need others in our lives and we have to take time to invest in relationships. Without relationships we by default become selfishly minded. It's funny how life can pull you in a direction of solitude if you aren't purposeful.

Being Purposeful! Purposing to plan. Plan months in advance if you need to. And call. Call if only to say Hi. And not just for yourself but for the friendly voice on the other side. You never know. You might just be connecting with someone else who has been feeling the same way, and by you calling you brightened their day. And when it comes down to it... isn't that what it's all about. Not me and my loneliness. But being able to bless another woman by choosing to let them know that their relationship means the world to you.

Be blessed today my friends. Thanks for sticking with me through my journey.

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  1. I so hear your heart, and feel the same way. <3