Thursday, April 21, 2011

Every day is a treasure.

So if you were to do your day over again what would you do differently?

Tonight I got talked into watching a movie that has bothered me for years. "Ground Hog Day" The concept absolutely drove me nuts... life never progressing. AWFUL... what I realized today is that I never actually finished the movie. I had always turned it off before the main character realized the lesson in the challenge. With one day you can first see the beauty in the world around you, then cherish it for the better.

As I was sitting watching the movie with Adam, he posed a question. If you were to do the day over again what would you do different? What a great question! Instinctively I answered without a breath. I would spend more time with my girls. It fascinated me how fast that those words come out of my mouth. In a season that seems to be a consistent need to accomplish the "list" of priorities. I miss my girls. I see them everyday. I spend "time" with them. But in reality, I am only scratching the surface of actually connecting with them on a heart to heart level.

I am reminded with a simple movie, to take the time to cherish every day and every ordinary simple moment, never wasting a second!

Leanna (our first now almost 7)
So I pose the question to you.

If you were to do your day over what would you do differently?

Here's a short video that beautifully expresses this thought. (Thank you for posting this to set my heart in the right place today Jules.)



  1. I feel you on this one Nicole :)thanks for sharing!

  2. What would I do... ? I just took a minute to think it over, and the only really important thing that comes to mind is to pray with Chad more. Not just for our meals, when we hear sirens, or when someome has a need. But everyday thankful prayers... together. We don't do that, and should. So that's my answer... and my new goal.

    LOVED that video link, too.