Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motherhood is Unique and God designed. by Diana Wilhelm

I can't think of a better way to head into Mothers Day weekend, then by featuring my own mom.

Behind a great mother is a line of incredible women who set an amazing example. We can always learn something from those who are in our lives.

Thank you mom for setting a beautiful example of motherhood. I am blessed to call you my mom!!

Motherhood is Unique and God designed.

by Diana Wilhelm

Mothers day is around the corner and I was inspired to write about Mothers who have moved and impacted me personally, some unconventional but all motivated by love. I would like to believe that these people were a few who have helped shape me into who I am today.

My Mother, My Mentor

The memories of my mother are happy ones. She always loved and protected her little ones. She always provided the best for her children. She could sew or knit anything, and worked very hard to keep us all looking amazing. She encouraged my Dad to take his little girls out on Daddy dates. She made sure we had holidays at the seaside. She showed me how to be a great mother and wife. I will always be thankful for her influence in my life. She was also an adventurer and an explorer. She and my dad made the decision to move to Canada from England. Alone with four children she boarded an airplane for a new adventure. Meeting my Dad who traveled ahead three months earlier. This was the best decision they ever made.

My mother taught me that family comes first. I never heard the word divorce ever as a child. I always new my mother and Dad were totally devoted and loved one another. What great teachers. ♥

Betty and Bea my Unconventional Mothers

After I was married I moved a distance from my own mom to start a new family. This is where I met my unconventional Mothers, two sisters who were in their senior years. Bob and I were completely accepted into the lives of our wonderful friends. They were such a support to our little family. They had no children of their own but touched the lives of so many. I could not count how many lives they influenced. Their age never stood in the way of being, camp Grannies for girls camp for many years. They were a shoulder for many a homesick girl to cry on. They volunteered for the weekly breakfast club for a nearby school. They spent hours making something beautiful out of gently loved used dolls. They made new clothes for them and they were given to charities. They opened their home to many people some who were not so fortunate. Also had a ministry for teen girls making porcelain dolls. I spent many hours enjoying their company.

These two Mothers taught me how to give without ever getting anything in return. They taught me charity and unconditional love. ♥

The Girls Camp that Betty and Bea have been involved in for YEARS!!

Grandmother Lois my prayer warrior.

Lois Perrin was born in the early Twentieth century 1912 to be exact. This tiny premature baby was holding on to life with all of her might. Her twin didn't make it. She was placed in a box and put in an oven just to keep her warm. This feisty little one was determined to live. God had purpose for her life.

When I got married I was missing my Grandparents. My Grandad had just passed away and I was feeling an empty hole in my heart. The very first day I met this Classy lady she completely and totally took me in as her Granddaughter. I had the honor to spend a month living at her home while she healed from a fall sadly breaking both of her arms. This happened while she was catching a bus to the grocery store. Nothing could stop this lady, she had spunk that I admired. There are many things that I could say about my Grandma Lois but one of the greatest influences on my life was the fact that she prayed. She was a true prayer warrior. She spent many many hours praying for her family, her friends, her country. We always had a peace that no matter what was going on in our life, we were covered everyday with her beautiful prayers. Sadly for us but with the rejoicing of the angels, my Grandmother Lois passed into the arms of her savior, singing Glory songs with all her heart.

My Grandmother Lois taught me how important prayer is. What would this world be without the prayers of Gods people ♥

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