Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mommy Testimony (My first "blog")

Happy Mothers Day ALL!!!! WOW what an incredible day to celebrate women and mothers!!
I thought it would be a really neat time to re-post a note that I made two years ago about my journey into motherhood. It's amazing to look back to where we have come from and reflect on what all has happened since. I hope you enjoy my first ever "blog."

My mommy testimony!!
by Nicole Brodrecht on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 9:52pm

This is just a note to encourage all you young moms out there!!!

Life as a young mom??? Well it is one fantastic journey. I am so blessed to have been given four beautiful girls to invest my life into. I thank God for always being with me everystep of the way.

Leanna Harmony
 My story begins 6 years ago as a newly married girl on April 12 2003. 19 wonderfully overwhelmed with all brand new experiences and responsibilities, 3mths into our marraige came quicky. Adam walked into the washroom of our little apartment where the "test" was, he looked at it and smiled at me...WE WERE PREGNANT!!!! O my goodness!!! We were not expecting that since we were on the so called birthcontrol pill. The .1% was a surprise. But excited beyond belief we prayed for grace, pulled up our socks and got ready for our thrust into adulthood. Leanna Harmony was born on May 4th 2004.

Cadence Victoria
 Time sped by a year and two weeks later we had our second baby girl Cadence Victoria May 16th 2005. God was so faithful. Times were tough. Adam was working his butt off but we were still not quite "making it" It was amazing though how God was always there. We had a church that brought over a box FULL of food, families who brought over groceries, an anonomous person sent $40 to us each month to help with diapers, our parents give us much support, I never needed to worry. God took care of all our needs. I was also blessed with a womens study group that kept me going and truly helped me understand who I was and who God said I was. I learnt through journaling that God believed in me as he spoke to me out of my heart onto paper. I realized how valuable I was, beautiful I was and how much he loved me. Which at the time I didn't know. Having the mindset of a 19yr old's figure, the body of a new mommy came as an absolute shock. I was also being valued by moms who had been there encouraging me. My favorite passages that I stood on at the time was the one where God tells me that He will not give me any more than I can handle and James 1:2 (consider it pure joy through trials of many kinds...)

Rayne Symphony
 With our third move 16mths later Rayne Symphony was born September 4th 2006. A new job came for Adam in the perfect timing and we found our home church. Stability started flowing over our house as we learnt so many lessons and decided to commit to embrace the trials. Our prayer grew from one of God give us grace to Lord give us the lessons that will produce the best out come. Boy o boy what a crazy prayer. The piles of laundry continued to grow, dished became more overwhelming and there was always a child on my hip but I pressed on taking every moment I could to pull out my journal, my bible and to slide into a hot bubble bath. I started learning of the importance of creating a peaceful, pleasant home full of things that encouraged every sense to enjoy.

Kassia Lyric
Yet changes were again in the cards. 16mths from the birth of our third, we had moved into a home of our very own and our last little bundle of pink came. Kassia Lyric was born January 23rd 2008. I had my hands full. Now the kids out numbered me but with my hands tightly grasped onto Gods and my husbands. I have stayed sane. And not just sane but Invigoratedly, tiredly fulfilled.

As my girls grow and my mothering matures, the tears, the laughter, the excitement and the anticipation continue to grow. At times I feel like a child ready to stomp my feet and storm into my room.. and sometimes I do, but with God by my side to turn to, everything is handlable. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I actually believe it now.

I don't know what the future holds or where we will go from here but what I do know is that God is faithful every step of the way. Every circumstance, every moment He wants to take care of me and refresh me and give me a continuous peace.

Be blessed friends!!

Thanks for reading my story.



Since that point on October 19th 2010 after one misscariage and quite a long pregnancy, Shaylee Carmen became part of the Brodrecht Clan. What a blessing. Even though this concludes one season of life. Man am I ever excited to move into the next!!! Thanks for coming along on the journey friends.

Our Future to unfold (Shaylee Carmen)


  1. Loved this post Nicole. I remember when Leanna was born--it was so exciting. It's wonderful to read everything that's happened since and all the lessons that God has walked you through. Happy Mother's Day friend. xoxo Michelle

  2. Michelle. It was hard to leave you. :) Miss your relationship. Pray that life is finding you well. I have definately enjoyed reading and seeing all that you have been up to and the obvious joy and love for the new babies in your family. Blessings friend!!!

  3. Diana Wilhelm Nicole I just wanted to say that you are another Mother that has influenced me so much. It is so wonderful to observe your life, the way you love on your kids and other people. Those children shine such love that has come from the unconditi...onal given to them so personally and freely. It is an honor for your dad and I to be your parents. Both you and Adam are amazing. keep doing what you are doing. I am overwhelmed with joy when I see those pictures of each of your babies thanks for sharing ♥ Mom

  4. I read this when you initially posted it, but it was nice to come back and read it again! You are an outstanding Momma, Nic.