Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seasons of Bitter Sweet Moments.

This has been a season of many things.

Full of incredible moment. Time with the girls in non-stop wonder. Looking at their faces reminding me over and over how faithful God is and how blessed I feel to be given the overwhelming privilege to be their mom.

It's been full of lonely moments, a busy season out of our stomping ground, brings us further away from many that we love doing life with, but it has also shown us how God fills us with comfort with His love.

It's had times of tears hashing through doing relationships well and getting on the same page of those we love.

It's been full of anticipation for our new home, and making plans on how we will be able to welcome people into our lives by the use of our home. Plans of how to create a home full of not just the feeling of the Spirit of the Lord but also to develop a home that is evident of God's presence.

It's brought a longing to hold my husbands hand, not just because "that's what happy couples do" but because I genuinely heartfelt love being close to him.

It's brought a remembrance and thankfulness for where we have come from and where we know God will bring us.

It's brought a more defined passion for doing marriage incredibly well and family life well!!!!!

 It's within the bitter sweet moments that I have been able to allow God to stir my spirit and fan the passions of my heart.

What is this season bringing you?