Thursday, October 13, 2011

Learning to listen to God's voice in my life.

That still small voice. That dream. That timely word from someone close to you. That intuitive feeling.

I love that God continues to take us and grow us step by step as we are open to His voice guiding us through life's lessons, trials and just living.

The last close past has been full of lots of opportunities to hear His voice and heed to His leading. One that is standing out loud and clear takes me back a few months ago to a trip up to visit family for the weekend. It was an incredible time. We got to connect and laugh and talk and meet new little additions. I love my family!!! On the Sunday we had planned on going for a hike for our now 5 year olds birthday. We decided to head up to the cliff that looks over the town. To the "Eagles Nest". What a COOL idea!!! And she LOVES being outside. So we headed out loaded up with water ready to go. As we were scaling the cliff with the truck, I was struck with a memory of a vivid dream I had a few weeks before that woke me up startled. I was so upset that I needed to process it out with Adam in the morning. It was horrible, one of those dreams that you wish you never had. It was a dream of one of our girls falling off of a cliff!!!! It caught me off guard and sent cold shivers up my spine as we got higher to the top of the cliff. So I instantly said to the girls we need to pray and set some rules! Adam and I led the girls in a prayer. They each had a chance to pray safety and protection and fun over the family. We all got out of the truck, and each kiddie chose an adult to hold a hand and we started on the hike to find the Eagles Nest. My family when I was little went on this same trek many many times with my Aunt and Uncle. We had looked over the city on that edge many times. On this day we could not find the Eagles Nest. My uncle wandered around looking for it... No where to be found!!! Weird.

 Finally we got to a portion of the top, and we made our highest point on a rock that had a Huge cross standing tall. You know to be honest... it didn't hit how incredible that was until after we ended our hour long hike through the forest looking at adorable little tiny  frogs, red mushrooms and enjoyed precious moments watching our girls make their way exploring and enjoying the fresh air. As I look back on the pictures of our family together at the top of the mountain, I am still brought to tears in awe that God protected our girls.

My prayer as I take that lesson and let it settle into my spirit is that I continue to quiet myself and hear His voice, you never know what you are setting up in protecting your family. God wants us to live in wholeness in joy and in happiness. God wants us to be happy without tragedy!!! What a challenge to choose to lift up every aspect of our lives to Him to lead us.

What has God shown you? What is your protection story? How have you heard His voice in your life?