Friday, January 13, 2012


I am sitting here...
  Feeling pretty blahh!!!
Not super inspired, or challenged or excited... just a bit tired.

I have lots of reasons to be tired physically. Christmas season was amazing... but it also feels a bit melancholy now that it's all over.. we also just got home from a really cool family vacation with my hubby's side of the family. It was sooo good, countless incredible memories made, but the season of the kids being so young also takes a huge amount of energy to keep the chaos under raps. :)

Since we just got home from the family vacay, I hadn't taken much thought into the fast that our church is doing this week. So I'm not fasting... but neither am I getting into the word... or even really praying.

So here I am tired spiritually.

I can feel that I am not being consistent in what I am doing or saying. I don't feel God stirring me because... I am just rawly not being open to hear God. I haven't quieted my spirit to let him speak to me.

I also know I am tired of being in this spiritual state.

Hasn't been long... but long enough that I am done feeling spiritually empty. I know the feeling of being close to my Father... and my desire is to be there... so... I am being open and accountable to all of my friends and family to say... thanks for being on this journey with me...and for giving me grace to go through seasons of growth. I am far from a perfect person and have so very little to give when God is not my center.

Today I am going to put some worship music on and pull out my journal and bible, after a good month..more like two months of not doing so.

Feel free to ask me if I did!!!! :)