Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook post by a friend.

So a couple of days ago I was on Facebook and was reading a post made by a friend from our church. Jennifer Choong, is someone who I admire for her genuine faith. The passion that naturally overflows from her is incredibly inspiring!!! She speaks about God with a living, breathing and all encompassing love, that organically impacts all areas of her life. What an example for me to continue to strive after in maturity. She continuously uses Facebook as a tool to encourage others, to speak of where God is showing her to go. Passions that is being birthed in her and causes that should be known. I love how she uses Facebook as a way to show Christ to others.

I am going to re-post one of her conversation because, after my last post I read this and was really encouraged, all I need to do is quiet my spirit from my busy life and just listen. That's all. There doesn't need to be confusion or indecision, I don't need to be anxious in this life if I choose to be connected with God instead of submit to the circumstances that surround me. It can be natural and not a fight, just a choice.  

Satus : ‎"The Holy Spirit will guard your heart and mind with supernatural peace. Philippians 4:7. We do not have to live with a heart filled with jealousy, rejection, anxiety, or fear, nor a mind filled with turmoil, confusion, and indecision. If we ask for joy in specific areas of our life, we will actually receive more of it." ~ Mike Bickle in Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man.

Friend : So how do you think we ask? And what does it look like when you get it? Do you need this- or have it? Do you agree with it entirely or like the concept of it? Can you back it up? Is that too many questions? Lol

Jen: Hey (friend), nope, it isn't too many questions ... I think the questions are really good questions. For me, one way I ask is when I sense the Holy Spirit convicting me, I ask Him to show me how to be/act/process differently. So for instance (real life example) on Tuesday I was skiing at chicopee, and I felt stressed a number of times as I had 3 kids with me to get rental equipment for, lessons to get them to (which seemed REALLY hard to figure out at the time ;-), and trying to make sure I knew where everyone was as much as possible (a five year old beginner, a 10 year old almost beginner, and a 10 year old who was doing black diamonds( hardest ski slope) .... so I felt pressed and felt stressed inside. It wasn't until I lost our blackberry on the hill that I realized that my losing the cell phone was actually a picture of how I had "lost" my peaceful/receptive/listening to God type of communication for a few hours with the Lord. I began to dialogue with Him and asked Him to show me where I 'lost it' during the day, and the thing that came to me was that I not 'stilled' my soul that morning before leaving the house, and that I was processing everything 'in my own understanding' (Proverbs 3:6-7) - so to answer your question truthfully, I would say that God brings scriptures to my mind to reveal to me how I could be living in every moment, and then I feel Him prompt me to bring my brain to that place where He is my Lord and I'm not trying to be my own 'source' of making things go right (realizing that I can plan my way, but the Lord orders my steps), Reminds me of when our kids need our guidance, but they need a bit of extra prodding in a loving sort of way to remember what they already know .... And I think I receive it when I make my heart a place where I acknowledge that His way is right and I have pushed Him out of His rightful place as Lord - So when I realized on the ski hill that I had really left the peace of the Lord behind me, and was trying to forge the day out in my own strength, when I realized that I lost my cell phone, a picture of my close communication with Jesus, I asked Him to forgive me and bring me to the place where I could see the happenings of the day from His perspective and receive His peace - because I felt knotted up inside. I ask Him to shift me back to that place in my heart, where I am walking in peace, and I relinquish my desire to figure it all out, and I allow myself to trust that God's got my back, and that He will help me navigate ... whatever the thing is that I sense that I am lacking, I ask Him to bring a scripture to mind, and then I remind myself that God is faithful to His promises, that He is trustworthy and that I can really rest in sureness that He will help me in my weakness. And then I usually worship Him. Hope my reply isn't too long :-)

oh yah, the little update that I forgot to add - after I prayed on the hill to get my peace back, I immediately got a call on my walkie talkie that my cell phone had been found. So cool that God got my attention and got me back on track, walking in peace. With the added perk of not even losing my cell phone permanently. it seemed like He made it pretty clear to me that He is able to download His peace to me without me missing His point or the download :-)

Thank you Jen for letting me re-post!!! I hope that this encouraged some of you out there with her words.
This is where I say thank the Lord for Facebook. Because when used correctly, it can be an incredible source to encourage and lift up others as we daily walk out our lives. We can't always meet up face to face, but to be able to choose to use this as a tool. Wow. We can have some pretty neat moments of revelation and growth!!!

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