Monday, February 27, 2012

"My Calling"

In the last few months God has given Adam and I  a few specific revelations. Here is one which is a pretty cool follow up from a 2010 post I did called "Learning who I am."

I don't need to strive to become "something".  Everything that I need is already right in front of me.
I have all the opportunity in the world to learn and grow and gain revelation while being a stay at home mom!

"My Calling"

To focus my heart on loving God and His ways, through that I will be at peace with myself as an individual. As that peace flows through all the areas of my life, my marriage will become amazing. As my marriage grows leaps and bounds in strength, my parenting becomes incredibly natural. As a united team Adam and I learn to become better parents all the relationships in my life become healthier. And finally as all the things I learn through that process translate to my relationships, my testimony/impact and calling will be real and true.

It is so clear and obvious now that it is written out, and I am sure there are many sources that say it quite literally word for word but to have it put on your heart personally, and to experience the "a ha" moment or "journey" in this case, makes it even more impactful.

That is who I want to be. Through the ups and downs and as I "fall forward" I want the trend in life to speak volumes of "My Calling" !!!

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