Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Lord rewards when you remain steadfast. By Kayla Shelley

This week I thought I would ask a friend of mine to write a post on the journey she has had since she got married and moved across Canada with her adventurous hubby. Kayla Shelley, has popped up in my mind so many times when I think of a woman who has chosen to support her husband wholeheartedly and rely completely on God. I remember when they got married and couldn't help but be reminded of where Adam and I started. So as a couple they hold a very fond place in my heart as I watch from a distance and smile. God has a beautiful plan for their lives and I can't wait for the story to continue to unfold.

"The Lord rewards when you remain steadfast. "
By Kayla Shelley

 "I remember my wedding day 4 years ago feeling so many overwhelming emotions - excitement, nervousness, anticipation. Not only was I feeling the emotions of getting married at the young age of 20, but I was also feeling the anticipation of getting married and moving across Canada - away from all of my family, all of my friends, and away from my comfort zone. I was feeling encouraged that I was embarking on this new life adventure to support my new husband as he was about to start his 4 years as a Bible college student! So many changes lay ahead of us, but we were young and maybe a little bit naive and took it all on with a sense of bravery (at least we thought we were brave).

As we drove to BC from Ontario, we felt excited. As we spent our gift cards and money picking out new household items and furniture, we were overjoyed and had so much fun. And as real life settled in, we felt these things along with frustration, discouragement, determination and faith - lots of faith! If you are married, you know how difficult it can be, especially in the first couple years, when you are taking two lives and meshing them into one. There has to be give and take, and sometimes you really just don't feel like giving!

 Needless to say, one of the most amazing things about getting married young and moving away from family and friends is that it gave us a total sense of who we were as individuals and as a married couple. We were free to be completely us, to get to know one another so easily without our old lives always surrounding us, and it was very refreshing for our souls. We made new friends, renewed our independence and made our infrequent visits with family that much more exciting. My husband, Seth and I started a family a couple years later and had daughter Peyton. We are expecting our second one in October.

Life sometimes throws so many things your way that you feel like you can't handle it, like it might be easier to give up or give in rather than stick through the tough stuff. But boy does the Lord reward you when you remain steadfast.

There have been times when God is the only lining to our dark clouds, but he is always enough. Being married has given room in my heart to love like I never thought possible before. I have learned so much from my husband, and he has been such an example to me. As I look at the four years we have been married so far, I sometimes cringe at words said, things done, and irrational behaviour. But then I look at where my family is and I put those regrets behind me and focus on how blessed I have really been. I thank God for my little growing family and my wonderful husband every day."

God bless you both and your family as you embark on another move, another baby and a whole new adventure!!!

To all of you ladies who are prepping and getting ready for your big day, I hope this has stirred again the exitement for your own adventure that is about to begin.
Support your hubby with all of your heart, embrace the passion within you and rely completely on God. At the end of the day you will be able to look back and smile. 


  1. Loved it Kayla! You are wonderful and I cannot imagine a better or more fitting girl for Seth! So happy you are family ♥ - Jacqlyn Shelley

  2. Proud of you Kayla....♥ - Ruth Robertson Shelley

  3. Such a great post!! Truly an encouragement to all married women - thank you!! (and single ones too - to just remain steadfast and serve and love the Lord until their man comes along, Lord willing!)