Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our 9th Anniversary

For months I have been processing and thinking about our Anniversary. April 12th, TODAY 9 years ago, Adam and I said "I do." I wish I could literally re-live that moment over and over again. It wasn't a fantasy moment. We were surrounded with unknown, gently working through new relationship dynamics, school debt and growing pains. But looking into the love of my life's eyes I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man in front of me was the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Many of you have heard me say this before but I think it was a profound moment from God that has kept my passion and anticipation for learning my husband fresh as the years have gone by.

"God gives us just enough of a glimpse of how well we fit together to get married, then we have the rest of our lives to enjoy every moment where God confirms to us why we really are a perfect match."

I am so proud to call Adam Brodrecht my husband. And as we celebrate 9 years of marriage, learning, and growing together. I would love to honour him with this post.
Here are my top 3 things that I have learned from him as he has matured through the years

1. Humility. Way before we were married he set us up for success. He opened up his heart and layed down his pride and brought me into every aspect of his life, the good the bad and the ugly. There was not a single stone unturned. I knew of every struggle and every detail of his life. We cried, hugged and prayed. I knew at that point if this man was willing to offer every piece of his heart, any trial that comes our way, we will be able to handle it. He has exampled to me through surrounding himself with mentors, how being open to accountability, honesty and challenges, brings great blessing.

2. Compassion. For years Adam has exampled to me how important relationships and people are. For me it never mattered how big or how small an issue was, if we weren't connected or if I wasn't okay. He was with me gently working through every detail until we had a peace. He has shown me how important others are through spending many late night working through life issues with friends and family even when he was heading into work early the next morning. Never once has he complained about being tired.

3. Hard work. Since we have been married I have seen Adam sacrifice himself for our family. I have seen him come home exhausted, bruised, dirty and bleeding. Emotionally stripped, and torn down. Overwhelmed, stressed and burdened. And yet, he still had enough energy to play with our girls, change the baby, help me with dishes, support my sore and pregnant body as I walked up the stairs, email me a bible verse and give me a kiss at the end of the day. Nothing makes me feel more valued than knowing that my husband is doing everything in his power to offer himself for us every day.

Man there are so many more things that I could say and I am sure many of you have an incredibly long list of why your hubby is amazing too!!!! WOOHOO to great husbands!!!!

Even though my purpose is to thank Adam for all that he means to me,

I want to encourage you married women to take the time to think about your husband, where he has grown leaps and bounds, why you are incredibly thankful that God has brought him into your life and then tell him.

To all you blushing brides never let the wonder die after the big day... there are sooooo many more reasons why God has brought your hubby into your life. Explore, search, talk, expect!!!! The wedding day is just beginning!!!

And to all the single ladies. Keep your eyes wide open because all of the amazing traits that make life incredible after you are married, should be evident even before you were ever in the picture!!!

Please feel free to post something that your hero hubby has taught you. What you are looking forward to after the wedding, or a trait that you are praying for in your future knight in shining armor.


  1. 35 years this summer and still on our's a choice! There is no one I would rather spend all my time with!

  2. 7 years this August and I love him more now than when we said " I do". We have had our times of struggles and trials but that's what has brought us closer together. He is my best friend and I don't just say that because I married him. I say it because it's true. He's not selfish and is always thinking of my best interests instead of his own. He is perfect for me!!! Lindsay Henderson

  3. Michael and say often that we feel we are a perfect match. We just seem to jive really well. We understand each other, and have such a strong connection. Most of the reason we feel this now is because we put the effort into building it this way from the beginning. Things weren't always so easy. Way to go Nicole, you are both a great example to many of us. It's great to put into words the things you've learned / are learning in life.

  4. 13 years this summer and wow, where do I start! My man is just that...mine. He is the most supportive person and biggest cheerleader in my life and words can't really do him justice ;) He truly is the perfect one for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE doing life with him. Our first few years were tough and we talk often about how we would never choose to "do those over again", life can be full of challenges but I am so blessed to say I was able to walk through them WITH someone like him. Hand in hand, hearts as one. Did I say already that I LOVE HIM??? Love is not always easy, but it sure is worth it.