Tuesday, June 12, 2012

God is never far from us.

Today I was reading a post on Bill Johnson's FB page that said. "If God seems to be silent, try talking to Him about something He enjoys talking about." Out of curiosity I scrolled down to see what some of the comments were. I came across one man who wrote.

 "I'm having trouble with my faith. I never hear God. I haven't once my whole life. Is it just me? Everyone always talks to me about how they talk to god, but when I try, nothing happens. Does god hate me? I've received the lord into my heart about 10 years ago. I try to talk to Jesus, I really do, about everything. Sometimes I ask him to help me with things (like when my mum died from cancer). Sometimes I ask him what he wants me to do, and how he can help me grow closer with him, but he never says anything back. I've never heard him. Now my mum is in hell :("

My heart broke. My head was spinning with things to say and comment. I eventually put a link to one of my favorite books for guiding and exampling how to hear God's voice in our life. "Walking with God" by John Eldridge (http://www.amazon.ca/Walking-God-Talk-Him-Really/dp/1400280052/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339511123&sr=8-1)

But, it was still nagging. There must be a more simple way of explaining God's heart.

My one year old came up to me moments later her clothing covered in water. "O my" I told her and said that we needed to put a new dress on her. So she giggled and ran into her bedroom and hid behind the curtain. She sat there waiting. So I got real close with a big smile on my face and waited. She finally pulled the curtain away and smiled at me and I responded with a laugh and said "I found you." 

It dawned on me!!!

God is never far. He is always right beside us never leaving. It's us that covers ourselves from God. Whether it be change, fear, pain, anger, shame. We veil ourselves from seeing and hearing God. It's when we will pull the curtain away from our face that can we see the smiling face of God and hear him say, "I found you!!"


God bless you as we all continue on our journey's learning how to hear God's voice in our lives.

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  1. Diana Wilhelm: Well said Nicole I love how God show us things through babes. They are like a little bit of heaven on earth.