Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My girls have blessed my life. By Debra Kubassek

I am so honoured to introduce you to another amazing woman!!!

Debbie Kubassek, is a wife, a mother of two solid daughters and a woman that I look up to a lot. She has so many areas where you can see God work through her. The one thing that pops out to me in my season of parenting is her children. Julia and Kaitlin have been on my radar for years. Not only do they have personalities that are purely enjoyable to be around they also have a huge heart for serving God. Their relationship with each other specifically has been encouraging to watch as I have been processing how to raise my girls to become best friends. Debbie and her husband Jamie, are at the top of my list to pull out as much information that I can to build my toolbox to become a great parent of girls! When I asked Debbie if she would be willing to write a guest blog she agreed right away, to my pure excitement. Thank you Debbie for taking the time to put this together. I thoroughly loved reading your post and got so much out of it that I can take and run with!!


My girls have blessed my life.
by Debbie Kubassek

I have put some of my thoughts together as far as raising my daughters and my relationship with them. I couldn't and maybe wouldn't have done so great without much wisdom (praying daily that I would be effective in my parenting) and the love and support from my husband Jamie. Stay in agreement with the hubby!

We decided before the girls came along that if at all possible I would like to stay at home with them, and this became a reality with the arrival of 9Lbs 5 oz. Kaitlin! Twenty months later along came Julia! and 13 months later we lost out third baby. God did some amazing things in my heart at that time! ( that's another story for another day)
Our children were not good sleepers and both had colic, which kept us awake most evenings until they were 2 and 3 years old. This proved to be a very challenging time, but with much prayer and fantastic parents and friends around us we made it through. I came to realized how much patience it takes to raise children.

The girls were not that hard to discipline in the early years but would challenge me once in a while, I kept them busy; we spent countless hours reading books and playing and I believe that is a necessary and beneficial thing to do with your children. They were always good students in English, Grammar, Public Speaking, and are well spoken today!
We didn't allow them to fight, we told them they were sisters forever and always were to love each other, don't get me wrong they did have disagreements, but always had a hug for each other afterwards. They are very close and good friends today, but also have very different personalities.They work out their differences in love!
Being with the girls at home was fun always teaching them how to do something domestic! I wanted them to be fantastic wives for the man they would marry in the future, start them young, today they have a wonderful work ethic!

As your children grow and get older, life changes and different challenges come, stay calm, stay in their circle, and get them through every situation, with Gods help. Its our responsibility as parents to train, teach and love them throughout their lives. And when they leave home, we are still their parents, they still need our input into their lives, don't think because they are older they don't need us, I have found this to be true even more now than when they were younger. Now they are making big life decisions that will impact possibly everything they will do and who they will become. They need to feel safe bouncing ideas off of their Dad and I.

My prayer and desire for my girls is that they will reach their full potential with Gods help and direction, I pray that they will love God wholeheartedly, seek Him for wisdom, follow His lead and know His plans for their lives, and I leave them in His hands, that is the least I can do, He loves them even more than I do!

I can honestly say as a Mom that my girls have blessed my life beyond anything I could have asked for! They are a constant reminder to me that God is faithful and He gives us the desires of our hearts
I won't allow guilt of not being a good enough Mom to ruin my chances of sowing into their lives, its been a wonderful thing to see my girls grow up to be amazing God-fearing ladies, we have open communication and don't even mind correcting each other at times, this is a cool thing when your daughter puts you in place!

Even when you don't see great results from your parenting, please don't ever give up; I can say this because my Mom never gave up on me even when she didn't like what she saw! She spent a lot pf time on her knees, when I didn't care!
I encourage all you young Moms out there, love unconditionally, say your sorry as often as you mess up! and pray for wisdom everyday! You will not weary while doing good!
God Bless every Mom, life can't be done without you!



  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome testimonial to motherhood Debbie. You are a great Mom and it shows to those of us on your path. Your girls love you and this girl does too!

    Keep shining for Christ - you are an inspiration to those of us who are still mothering and also grand-mothering:) At every stage we are called to introduce our children to the God who made them, to the friend who knows their pain, to the love that knows no bounds, and to the truth that sets them free. You have certainly modelled this for us well.

    We are blessed with the responsibility to shape our child's belief system so that one day they are able to pass along a Godly heritage. May they say of us, "Because of what you taught me, it has never been difficult for me to believe that God really does order our steps and that His plans for us are good."

    The joy of the Lord flows through us when we give our best for Him. God rejoices over you and your lovely girls and He sees your steadfast spirit as something to be treasured, something to be imitated and something for your family and friends to be so very proud of.

    Lovingly with great admiration!

  2. Life is hard and raising children is challenging...thanks for the reminder that as mothers and parents ..we are not alone. xoxo

  3. I just got a bit emotional thinking of you guys Julia Kubassek and Kaitlin Kubassek Just so you know it's so encouraging for young mom's like me investing our whole heart and soul into our children. I see you both taking what your parents have invested in you and running with it. It makes me thankful for the front line that I am in, and spurs me on to keep going. ♥ ♥

  4. Aww thanks Nicole! I definitely could not be who I am today without my mom (and dad) in my life

  5. I'm going to go and read the girls a book now.

  6. Wonderfully written Deb,thanks for the encouragement in Motherhood.

  7. Your welcome, you have done an amazing job with your 3 beautiful daughters too!