Monday, June 25, 2012

Supernatural Childbirth!!!!!! by Tiffany Baskaran

I have been sooooooo pumped to post this since I asked two amazing ladies to write me a guest post on childbirth.... seriously... waiting in anticipation!!!!! As many of you know... I am a little obsessive when it comes to the birth of my babies. I ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY LOVED every moment of it!!! I loved the anticipation of it, the excitement of heading to the hospital and the labor and birth of each of the girls!!! Although I have to say they were not all "pain-free."  I did have moments where I lost my focus and it was hard but for the majority of the experience the amount of peace, excitement and joy I had throughout the labor was amazing!!! In a previous post I said that even with my last one... Adam and I were still high fiving each other and laughing and joking around right up to the shocking moment of Shaylee being born (5hrs +, less then the previous babies) REALLY!!! I believe with all of my heart that we as women have been created to give birth naturally, and that when we claim the inheritance of our children, WITHOUT FEAR!!!! We are able to bring them into the world, with little to NO complications!!!

Now as a precursor, I do know that not everyone has had a great experience. My prayer is that you hear our hearts and not a judgement for your story. If you have had a previous hard labor and birth, my prayer is that you are encouraged with a renewed sense of strength that you can believe for a new experience, giving Him your fear and claiming an amazing experience for your next baby! I didn't even know that was something that I could believe for until my 5th.  And for those who are pregnant for the first time!!! YES MY FRIENDS!!!! I am pointing at you!!! Believe for it girls!!!!
So here it is... aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! (Don't know if you can tell that this topic hits a passion button in me!!!) Tiffany Baskaran recently finished a life group at our church teaching about supernatural Childbirth with another friend Cecile Turner (Who will be doing a part two of this topic!!!!) And It perked my interest soooo much that I desperately wanted to get them to write me a blog on it!! And they both jumped at the occasion!! Sooo woohooo!!! READ AND BELIEVE!!!!

Supernatural Childbirth
By Tiffany Baskaran

"Supernatural childbirth" is simply a healthy mommy delivering a healthy baby. Supernatural childbirth also means having a wonderful, enjoyable pregnancy, a pain-free labor and a quick delivery without any complications. Yes, I said pain-free. You can’t simply snap your fingers or follow a three-step program to achieve this. If you could, then every woman would experience this. Rather, supernatural childbirth is a faith principle that’s founded on the Word of God.

I recommend a book by Jackie Mize entitled Supernatural Childbirth. Jackie shares her testimony and provides Bible scriptures and confession examples to help you from conception to delivery. Reading this book helped me to believe that I could have a quick, pain-free labor and delivery. I confessed the Word over my body and baby. I learned what my body was going through and what a contraction was – a tightening of the uterine muscle that helps push the baby out. If your body is tense and you are full of fear, anxiety or worry, then that counteracts with the contraction and causes what’s known as "labor pain". However, if your body is relaxed and you are full of peace, then you can experience the contraction without the pain.

Let me share my experience. The day before my baby was born, my body started having mild contractions. I felt pressure, but no pain. The next morning when I went to the hospital in active labor, my contractions were about 4 to 5 minutes apart. The pressure grew more intense. I couldn’t walk or talk during the contractions, but they weren’t painful. I could feel when a contraction was coming, then I would breathe through it, and then it would subside. It felt like you were lying down and a child sat on your back. It didn’t hurt, but there was a weighty pressure on you. When it was time for delivery, I still didn’t feel anything painful.

God created the female body to carry and deliver babies. When your body functions in the way it’s supposed to, everything comes easily and naturally. I never felt the "ring of fire" or anything. It was pain-free and I was surprised to find out I had two small tears. My baby girl was born March 13, 2010 at 8 pounds and 5 ounces!

Tiffany and beautiful baby girl!
What’s the first step? You must become a born-again believer by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior (read Romans 10:9-10 out loud). This qualifies you to all the blessings and benefits found in the Bible. Next you have to build your faith, specifically in the area of supernatural childbirth. How? By finding out what the Word says about pregnancy and motherhood, the blessing of the Lord, being redeemed from the curse, the relationship of fear and pain, the power of your words, what real peace is, etc. God’s will is His Word. Whatever God says in the Bible is what He desires for you to have. A great foundational scripture is Exodus 23:26 which says that you have a covenant right to "no barrenness, no miscarriage and no stillbirth." God does not want you barren!! God would never cause your body to miscarry. God would never take your baby to Heaven because He needs another angel. Satan is the one that comes to steal, kill and destroy. God is the One that comes to bring life more abundantly (John 10:10).

Tiffany Baskaran –
A happily married and joyful mother of one


Does that ever stir your faith??!!!! If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment. And if you are wondering where to start, send me your email address and I would more than LOVE LOVE LOVE to send a list of scriptures for you to believe for and pray over your body or have your husband pray over you while you are in labor!!!!
Here are also two links of where you can also buy the books on amazon, first is the full book, second is the $5 version, of scriptures and promises to stand on!!!

From my heart to yours!!!


  1. Victor: Thats amazing!... Cherie and I are with you guys!... Supernatural childbirth all the way!... :)

  2. Flavia: I'm loving this...I believe I had supernatural childbirth with all 4 children...I have always looked forward to giving birth, always felt that it was a spiritual God be the glory...He has been so good to our family and I am so glad to hear that there are other mommas out there that have been made free from the anxiety and stress of labour pain...thanks again Nicole Brodrecht and all your great guest bloggers, always uplifting content:)

  3. This is awesome! Before Danielle gave birth to Kaveya, we had been reading a bit of the book and loved it! It helped Danielle Sooo much with the fear and anxiety. Props to Nicole, Tiffany, and Cecile! What a miracle it is to deliver children :) def. gonna get Dani to read this, she will be blessed.

    1. I love this so much Collin, because it touches on the fact that not all of us will exclusively experience a pain free labor. BUT!!!!! To be able to combat the fear and anxiety of the birth of our little miracles, is an amazing thing. Allowing the experience to be a positve one!