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Supernatural Childbirth Part 2 - by Cecile Turner

Here is part 2!!!!!

Cecile Turner is an absolute fireball. She consistantly amazes me with the amount of spunk, energy and heart for people she has. If you ever have a problem, she would be the first to offer to help or give you 15 ways to be able to solve the problem. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Cecile more as we put together an art class for our kids with another friend Abby and her babes. I remember talking about the life group Cecile was running with Tiffany (who wrote the last post) and the whole topic pulled me in and enticed me with a passion that more women need to know that this is possible.

 For me it wasn't until my last baby (Shaylee born Oct.19th 2010) that I even knew anything about praying for an easy labor and pregnancy... I thought you just got what you got and after the fact you would be thankful that it "was all good" because you had a baby in your arms. I lucked out with the first four. They were painful labors for sure, but I knew that God had my back and so it was something that with my husband by my side I can genuinely say that I enjoyed (insane thought I know) each birthing experience. It was hard, really hard, but such an overwhelmingly empowering experience!!!  

My biggest reason for having Tiffany and Cecile share these stories with you is not to condemn or judge, or to imply that your faith is weak if you experience pain during birth. My heart is for you all to know that it is possible. That God wants us to have an amazing birth experience and there are beautiful stories of women who took purposeful time during their pregnancies to pray and believe for a supernatural experience during birth. I again pray you hear our hearts.

Be blessed my friends.


Supernatural Childbirth Part 2
By Cecile Turner

So, just to clarify, I'm a wimp. I don't like unexpected pain, like Charlie Horses, paper cuts or sprained ankles. When I found out that we were pregnant, I decided right then
that there had to be a better way to give birth that didn't involve pain. A way that didn't involve the screaming, sweating and desperation that you see on T.V!

I opened my Bible and found out that because I had a relationship with God, I didn't have to experience the typical T.V. birth drama - bonus. I got myself a copy of Supernatural Childbirth, read it, and then acted like God actually meant what He said.

I really watched what I said out of my mouth, dumb stuff we say all the time, like "I'm
gonna be so sick'. I was careful what I let into my ears, by what I was hearing. I had a
lot of people come up to me with their birth horror stories, 42 hours of labour, failed
epidurals, the pain and then newborn problem stories. Things like that we're hard to
hear and not 'hear' and receive into my psyche. I kept going and came to the place
(one month before I was due) where I knew that this baby was going to be born pain
free and healthy.

Four kiddos later, all pain-free, all great nursers, happy and healthy - done.
Lets not be naive either - with each birth comes a story, like how our second born was a 9 week preemie. That was an interesting time, however, the same things we learned during pregnancy and delivery were the same lessons that helped all of us get through
that prolonged hospital stay.

God loves you and His Word (the Bible) works - seriously.

Cecile Turner - happy, slightly tired and erratic homeschool mum of four :)


Not every one of our stories will have the same ending. But God knows how it will all turn out. So when we pray and believe for God to be with you at each point of your pregnancy and labor, He will also give you the peace and wisdom to know what to do through every step!!!!

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