Thursday, July 19, 2012

FREE MP3 download from Lisa Bevere!!!

Talk about crazy timing!!!

So, as many of you know I have been spreading news of my new found favorite author, LISA BEVERE!!! I went to a women's conference in Windsor and heard her speak and then I bought two of her books. Lioness Arising. (heads up, Cecile Turner and I will be doing a life group on it in the fall, super pumped!!!! (Wed. night most likely) at Koinonia Christian Fellowship in Bloomingdale), and Fight Like a Girl. I have finished Lioness Arising already. I KNOW GOOD BOOK!!! And I am into Fight like Girl. Which is stirring my spirit just as much.

SOOOO all that to say, I sent Lisa a letter saying how much I have been enjoying her books and how timely it all has been with my heart for this blog and for the relationships in my life. Plus how I have 5 girls now who look up to me to model their lives after, phew...

... well like I said crazy timing... that day she popped up a link on her Facebook page offering a free MP3 download from the Nurture curriculum! The purpose is to encourage & strengthen you & your daughters!

... my mouth hit the floor!! What a blessing. God is so good to know what you need just at the right time. Well I can't keep a blessing to myself soooo here it is... I don't know how long it will stay up as a free download, so do it soon before it's too late... BUT YAY!!! Lets all learn to connect to our daughters even more!!! And hey if you only have boys, well check it out anyways, one day you will have daughter-in-laws, and now you have sons to teach how to connect to their wives one day... ;) wink wink...

Love you all!!!


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