Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kids are a gift from God. - by Alysia Jantzi

Alysia Jantzi, is a beautiful friend of mine. It has been a honour getting to know her through the years. I have a great admiration for her heart and desire to grow. I asked Alysia to specifically write a post on parenting because I have been continually impressed with her hunger and humility to do everything she can to become a better mom. I am so excited to see their 3 incredible little power house babes do great things for the Lord. I whole heartedly believe that it's the journey of parenting that creates amazing kids, not just the few awesome moments. It's through our reliance on God and the desperate need for more of Him in our lives that gives us the insight that we need in perfect timing. Alysia's openness in this area is an inspiration to me, she has shown me how I need to continue to have women who are in the stages ahead of  me pouring into my life and helping me gain wisdom in how to handle either the more difficult situations with our kids, or to prepare for the stages to come.

Alysia, thank you so much for putting this together. I am in awe of all that God is teaching you in the area of parenting. You and Brad are amazing purposeful parents!!! We as a family are blessed to be part of your lives.


Kids are a gift from God
by Alysia Jantzi

Kids are a gift from God. My goal is to teach our kids to Love God and serve Him with all of their hearts and to walk in the purpose God has for them. Wow, that is a huge responsibility that I don’t want to take lightly. Sometimes I find myself falling into a daily routine of getting through the day. Suddenly, I realize the day was about what I wanted for them only to forget what the end goal is.


I have been blessed with 3 Kids, Alora 7, Lana 5, and Layne who is almost three. Three great kids, with 3 wildly different personalities. I never thought that was possible
While seeking God and asking what I should write about He prompted me with a topic that he has been speaking to me about recently. A topic that is complex and something I have to seek him daily on how to execute.

Am I parenting based on my preference (or my personality) or the What God wants for them?

What do I mean by that? Am I trying to form them into a mini Alysia or a mini Brad? (Or something that we want them to be because we were not? This is huge! PS. I am not trying to say that if I was trying to mould them into a mini Brad or Alysia it would be against Gods’ will. But rather I am saying that I have to first seek God with my kids, and to teach my kids to hear from HIM  compared to an agenda that lay’s out my priorities on my kids. The Lord has recently brought conviction to me in this area on more than one occasion.

I want to celebrate the gifts (personality) our children have. I do not want to form them into products of my preferred way of parenting. I do not want to direct their little personalities, but rather, I am postured to seek God on how to parent each specific child and personality that I am working with. This approach requires me seeking God daily, and learning daily. I am continually asking: “Alysia, is this your preference or what God wants? What am I communicating to my kids and what is the impact that it is having on them? Are they becoming mini-disciples of Jesus, or a mini-Alysia?”. Side note, I am okay if they copy me as I copy Christ...I am not referring to being an example to be followed, but imposing personality development based on non-spirit led parenting.

For example our middle child Lana is a little fireball. What I mean by that is she is fearless. She loves to meet new people, try new things and has no fear of (almost) anything. She LOVES babies and helping out to do tasks I give her. She likes a challenge. This is an awesome personality that I wish I had (in some respects). But the flip side of this strong personality is that she can be aggressive and quick to respond inappropriately if there is an injustice done, whether it be to her or someone else, it doesn’t matter. My first reaction is to “get rid” of that strong  will, or aggressiveness if it is the last thing I do!!! (since brad and I aren’t like that ….heaven forbid)

However, I believe if I would act on that and “stifle” that strongness about her I would also be squashing the good that comes with that personality. Would I like her to be quieter sometimes? Yes. Would I like to not have to deal with the 15th episode that day of being aggressive either with words or actions? Yes! However, God is teaching me to direct the negative about that personality trait in a way that it promotes the positive in her. There are MANY positive results from having Lana’s strong personality traits. (ie: I can see her being a confident person that isn’t easily affected by peer pressure).

This personality trait doesn’t come natural for me to parent nor does some aspects of my others kids personalities at times. I find myself constantly asking the Holy Spirit to help me find creative ways (out of my comfort zone, yikes!) to parent what God has given me and treat all 3 little personalities, as a gift.

As we have heard several times more of you Lord, less of me. I want them to accomplish what the Lord has for them and not miss or redirect them in anyway because of me not parenting with God’s help and intentional strategies.



  1. Great Post Alysia! I am glad you are walking this out!

  2. love it alysia. What an encouragement!!! Really gunna take this to heart. You're an awesome mom, and a great example for the rest of us!