Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our responsiblity in the midst of tragedy.

I have been thinking.

We all have been listening and keeping up to date with the latest tragedy in Colorado. My heart breaks as I go through stories of the victims. One specifically I read really made me start thinking. http://aminiatureclaypot.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/so-you-still-think-god-is-a-merciful-god/

Where was God in all of this... why did so many innocent people die? I think about how touchy of a topic it is. Especially to those who do not believe in God or if they do, believe that God is a being who ultimately doesn't care.

One part really popped out to me in the above blog written by a woman who survived the shooting. She said, "I was there in theater 9 at midnight, straining to make out the words and trying to figure out the story line as The Dark Night Rises began. I’m not a big movie-goer. The HH and I prefer to watch movies in the comfort of our own home…where I can use subtitles and get a foot rub. I don’t like action movies. And I don’t like midnight showings. But, as I wrote in my last post, parents sometimes make sacrifices for their kiddos and I decided I would take my fourteen year old and sixteen year old daughters who were chomping at the bit to see this eagerly anticipated third movie in the Batman Trilogy. Twice I had the opportunity to back out and twice I was quite tempted. But something in me said just go with your girls. I did."

Those words "something in me" really hit home. It brought back a flooding memory of when God gave me the dream of one of my girls falling off of a cliff and instead of us ignoring the dream and chalking it up as a typical nightmare, I took heed and prayed for safety along with my family for our hike up to Eagles Nest.  http://motheroffivelittleladies.blogspot.ca/2011/10/learning-to-listen-to-gods-voice-in-my.html

... then my mind really started rolling.

How IMMENSE of a responsibility do we have to listen to God's voice in our lives.

I believe that God is a merciful God. A God that cares about every single person on this earth. Even those who have chosen not to believe in Him. I believe He follows every step that we take with engrossed diligent attention. I also believe that our God created us with free will. A will to choose how we will live every aspect of our lives, to either heed to his gentle urging or ignore His desire for our lives. I believe even though He knows every step that we will take ultimately, He has still given us the free will to choose the path of life or the path of death.  I believe He is constantly giving us opportunities to change our future course and endless chances to choose to listen to the Holy Spirit. I believe that God loves us so much that He painfully grieves in sorrow when we take the final step on our free path to destruction.

God is always talking to us, sending people in our lives to show of his love and desire to give us eternal life. God has given us the greatest sacrifice known to man, Jesus Christ, His only son to pay the ultimate price for all of our sins so that we have the opportunity to live a fulfilled life in relationship with Him. THEN on top of it all He gave the Holy Spirit (intuition, "something in me"), to help lead us down a path of abundant blessing and reward.  

My heart just breaks. How many people, reject God's desperate cry out for our souls. How many of us choose to ignore the urging of the Holy Spirit in our lives. How many choose to fulfill selfish desires in the moment with out realizing the ultimate price it will cost on our future.

I can't help but feel the responsibility of staying open to hear every word that God speaks to my spirit. I won't live in fear of life but I pray that I never forget, the diligent consciousness that it takes in my role in the wellbeing and safety of my family and my own life.

May we not loose the sensitivity of our spirits to hear God's voice. I don't believe that this is some sort of loopy, pie in the sky idea. I believe God speaks to us so clearly whether or not we acknowledge Him as being a part of our lives. Listen, heed. My desperate desire is that we all come to realize our need for God.

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