Friday, July 20, 2012

Why are we fighting each other?

Why do we do it?! Why do we compare, knock down or see the worst in other women. What is it in our make-up to want to turn around and point the finger at others instead of at ourselves.

I get so frustrated with myself sometimes because I get so wrapped up in comparison to the point that I almost "stall out" in who God created me to be. I have moments when I pretty much rejoice in others struggles because it makes me feel good to believe that I have it more together. GROSS. Then on top of it all I get overwhelmed with selfishly focusing on me... ugh!

I have been reading Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere. It's a vital book that I believe every woman should read in their life time. It stirred every part of my womanhood. My spirit couldn't sit still the entire time I was reading it. It resonated with everything that God has been putting on my heart for years and used God's creation to show such a clear picture of how we as women should be functioning.

The lionesses in a pack work together, hunt together, raise young together. God says to look to creation to learn. ("God sets out the entire creation as a science classroom, using birds and beasts to teach wisdom." Job 35:11 MSG Bible) The lionesses don't fight each other, they work together using each individual strength. They marvel at themselves in complete peace with who God created them to be and function in that.

So... I look around. Who do I do life with? Who do I need to go up to and apologize for knocking down or trying to one up? Who am I trying to prove something to that I need to just rest in peace and be who I am, and not who I want others to believe I am? Who are the women in my life that just need encouragement? Who can I bring words of healing and strength to? Who are the women in my life that I can help create a family with?

We as women need to bond together. We need to help support each other as we strive to become excellent mothers. Now I don't mean in the take over type of way that says, I can do it better than you. But by really getting into their shoes and see what you can do to give a hand. Put the personal advice aside to do some real time helping. Who can you offer to watch the kids for so your friend can get some vital time on her own or with her husband. Is there some type of small group you can put together for women, mom's or even girls, that will help support them to grow in their relationship with the Lord?

Lets remember it's our #1 mandate to love one another. If we can't even do that, what kind of life are we leading? What kind of witness are we if we cant even get along with one another?

We need to shine of God's love, grace and strength. Partnered together to see all, not just one or a couple, ALL women succeed.

Lets choose to help each other succeed.