Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beautiful - by Shelisa Cherri

Where do I even start with this amazing woman. Shelisa seems to have grown in the last two years with an undying passion to serve God. She has an inspiring drive to find out all the promises that God has for her and her family. We first met her husband Jason about 4/5 years ago and his story moved us to tears and stirred a passion in us again of the incredible saving power of our God. Since then we have seen such an amazing restoration of relationship between him and Shelisa. We wondered for a couple years about who Jason's wife was and I remember the day we met Shelisa. Adam and I walked away absolutely amazed at God's hand. We can not imagine a more beautiful, sweet, loving, amazing, passionate woman to stand by Jason's side through all the trials that can come at any family through the years!!!

Shelisa thank you so much for being a part of this Passionate Woman blog. I am honoured to be able to post a small portion of your story and a revelation of what God is showing you right now in your life. I pray continued blessing and favor on you, Jason and your two boys. May your child like faith and passion to learn more of God never fade. May your desire to serve God be a powerful example to your children of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ!!!


By Shelisa Cherri

The definition of beautiful is said to be having qualities that delight the senses especially the sense of sight.

For many years I struggled with feeling beautiful. I mean really feeling beautiful. Looking back I don't see why I had such a hard struggle. I was thin, an average size, always presented myself well, received compliments, but just something made it hard to accept. I always tried different things as many of us do to alter or enhance what I thought I needed to be beautiful. I had braces, I used makeup (even when I wasn't allowed), changed my hair, kept up with fashion, worked on a fit body, and yet I still didn't get the validation I was looking so hard for. I would get down and really scrutinize myself when I looked in the mirror and didn't see what I wanted to see. The ironic part was when I did get the compliment that I was looking for I would not accept it or have a really hard time hearing it as I didn't believe it.

Things became harder, when someone was willing to tell me how beautiful I was and I doubted them. They would persist and slowly I loosened up and began to believe. The guard began to come down. I would give them everything from my mind, body and soul and only to have it given back crushed.

Today I am thankful that I have moved into a different season, a season where my husband has new eyes for beauty. I am showered everyday with compliments of being beautiful, the difference is the compliments are of character and beauty from the inside and of course out. This is what I was having a hard time seeing and especially having a hard time believing.

I have begun a journey which has made me realize that I was created in a very unique way. From my most prominent features to the ones I still see as flaws. They all were sculpted very thoughtfully and with much consideration. I am a masterpiece as are you, we are God's finest creations, and made to be truly beautiful in His eyes.

Now don't get me wrong if you know me I still love enhancing the outer appearance. I mean I have chosen a career where I love to beautify both men and women each and every day. I mean come on we are the King's children we should always look our best! One thing I do know for sure is that maintaining the outer appearance is an everyday upkeep, and we all know what happens if we let this go. Well then why are we so easily able to let the upkeep of our insides go. Being beautiful in Christ is a everyday cleanse that will ensure the radiance from the inside out. We must constantly keep working at it.

Sometimes I forget this and get caught up in our world and images of who I should be or what makes me beautiful. I know now that when this happens I must refocus and bring myself back to God and back to his heart and just remember I'm His creation, His masterpiece, and then I hear Him say loudly to me "You are my daughter, my beautiful daughter."

All women want to be beautiful, we all want to know our husbands see us as beautiful. Our outer appearance is important and its what sometimes catches the eye first, however true beauty that shines glowing radiance is the beauty of knowing Jesus.

The definition of beauty can always be redefined and in my life it now has, lets continue to grow ladies into the beautiful women that we were created to be and remember if you put your faith and trust in external beauty alone you will always be disappointed and empty in the end.

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