Friday, August 17, 2012

Embracing the beautiful Tapestry

I'm in the kitchen. The patio door is open and the fresh breeze is blowing in. I am sipping my tea as I watch my girls jump on the trampoline.

They are free. They are creating a poetic tapestry of imagery and story lines, all of what their future  could be. They are princesses, queens and duchesses, bowing, dancing and singing. They are girls captured by a great force that gets saved by a hero, lifted up and rescued, from crying to rejoicing. They are hero's themselves with all sorts of powers fighting off evil and sharing good wherever their little feet land. They are doctors, midwives and teachers, mending and healing, helping the birth of a baby and guiding the children. They are mothers, wives, daughters and sisters living a beautiful life of relationships.

THEN in one quick swoop.... the game becomes selfish. Suddenly it's now all about each individuals role in the play. The life and joy of the game gets crushed by the smallest of issue. A word, a look, a bump the wrong way.... they are offended and done. The world around them has disintegrated and they no longer have the emotions to handle dreaming any more. They rely on themselves to handle the situation and can't. So they sit down defeated. That's it!

How often is that me as an adult. I dream and love life. I am living it to the fullest!!! I am growing and building relationships. Then in one small swoop, this journey becomes all about me. My value becomes what I am doing. I become so self absorbed that all it takes is someone saying a small negative word, or someone looking at me the wrong way or how terrible, they share their dreams and goals.... and that's it. My value and world seems to have come to a halted stop.  I am personally defeated in that moment.

I need to to be aware never to allow this life to become just about me. I need to embrace that beautiful tapestry being created between ALL the roles each woman holds. I need to rejoice in their story and leading part of the "play." Then when it comes to my time of being the "princess", I have the sensitivity to still be aware of those around me still working on their script. I need to be open and humble enough keep serving others while feeling on top of the world.

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