Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girl Friends... ??!!!

I am looking forward to head into this weekend. My sister-in-law Julia is driving down at this moment to pick the girls and I up to spend the next few days together with her two girls. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her since Adam and I got married. Now I am more than thrilled to truly feel like I have a sister!!

Growing up with three brothers. I always found it a little more difficult to connect with girls. I spent a lot of time on my own, singing, painting and drawing in my room. I found it challenging to keep girl friends and even more challenging to make them. I had a bit of a shy tendency (mostly fear of opening up to others) and brought myself to believe by high school that I really didn't need close girl friends.

As the years went by, I was amazed at the hole I found in my life from not having close relationships and from keeping those that could be close at a handlable distance. So in 2003 through personal choice and encouragement from my husband I started a healing process. I wrote all the names down that I still grieved over hurt feelings from and I prayed over each woman forgiving them and asking God to forgive me for the part that I had taken to disintegrate the relationship. It lifted a massive burden and freed a whole new emotional side of me. But then came the journey of actually making friends. 

It has taken a while but being connected to an amazing church and choosing time and time again to be open to those who are in my life has brought a huge revelation of the power of women joining forces and encouraging one another.

It's incredible the connections we can make through out our lives.  It has been a journey of ups and downs with girl friends, but now being an adult and looking at the women who surround me I can't help but feel foolish for not allowing myself to get closer to friends earlier. It has been such an eye opening experience allowing some key women into my heart. I believe I have grown more as a woman, learned more about myself and genuinely have found an enhanced joy living out life with the dear relationships that surround me.

My need for healthy relationships with women has been a vital part of my journey becoming who I am.

A good friend of mine has pointed out a couple times in the last couple months how amazing it is that I am writing this blog considering my past. Funny how life can have the tendency of turning around. My calling in life now is driven with a passionate heart to see women develop close uplifting relationships with each other.

Thank you for all the girls that are in my life! You have blessed me beyond words. I cannot imagine this journey without each one of you!!!


  1. i'm the girl on the end in the purple dress


  2. Amber that made me giggle. Love you!!!

  3. And there I am on the other end in the green dress. Nicole I adore you!!! You are such an inspiration. You are real and raw and always someone I look up to. Age means nothing. You are also the sister I never had growing up. I love our times together even when the kids are all crazy. I feel like I am due already for another visit.

    Love you so much!!!!!


    1. I feel the same. :) didn't feel like a long enough visit with you guys!!!! Maybe you guys could come down our way soon. Love you Jules.

    2. You would be the one in the red with the red hair. ;)