Wednesday, August 8, 2012

God is a Romantic - by Tiffany Bondy

Tiffany Bondy is a powerhouse of a young woman. It seems like this year she has matured and popped out of no where ready with sparkling excitement to serve God. Her passion to create a beautiful expression through music is a joy to watch. I am so thrilled she was willing to put a blog together and what a great topic for young women.

Thank you Tiffany, what a beautiful lesson that God is teaching you. Continue to passionately pursue God. Through a life focused on Him, it can be exciting, challenging and truly fulfilling. Listen dearly to your parents, they are a wealth of wisdom and an umbrella of protection. Blessings as you continue to be led towards the calling on your life. Remembering that it's not the destination that gives the blessing but the faithfulness through the journey.


God is a Romantic
by Tiffany Bondy

                When I was first asked to write something for Nicole’s blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I also knew exactly what I didn’t want to write about. Ironically, they were the same thing.  It is something that hits pretty close to home, as it’s something I’ve been struggling with for the past few months.

                I want to share my heart with you about the love of God.

                Not agape love (which means brotherly love), but the tangible, passionate, fiery love of God. Let’s face it, us girls are romantics. We all secretly dream of being swept off our feet by winks, kisses, and the promise of being forever cherished.  Cue the warm fuzzies. ;) But I have a secret for you:

                God is also a romantic.

                Really, he is. But before I get into that, let me get real with you and share what led me to this somewhat amusing and confusing revelation. As of June, I finished my third year of highschool. Suffice it to say, grade eleven was a roller coaster of emotions. I had decided that it was going to be my best year yet, which on its own is not a terrible decision. But this decision eventually led to a lukewarm relationship with God, loss of purpose, and essentially, I began ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’. This shallow living lasted the entire year. And I never noticed. I was too busy having my ‘best year yet’. I lived life dependant on my relationships with others. My day could be made or broken by a conversation, a word, even a look (or a lack of any of these). 

                By the end of the year, I had no reservations. I had no resolve to keep my standards, all in the name of having a good time. But the fulfillment found in living selfishly never lasts. It was when my parents stepped in and certain relationships had been involuntarily cut off, that I was forced to face myself and the way I had been living. I realized that over the course of the year, I had never once felt satisfied.  Over a period of a month, I began (with the help of pastors, parents and close friends), re-evaluating and prioritizing the relationships in my life, with God as number one. But the game changer was when I read the book, Captivating, by Stasi and John Eldredge             (and I think every woman should read it). I began to understand the beliefs I held about myself, about others, and about God, that caused me to live so selfishly. It would take pages and pages to explain all that God revealed during this time. I’m only going to focus on one aspect of His character; His romantic side.

                I looked back through my last year, and was shocked to find that most of my choices came out of a deep desire for romantic relationship. Even during what I thought was a ‘good’ day, I wasn’t satisfied with life, with relationships, with love. But one of the most interesting things I learned in Captivating, was that this deep desire was imprinted on my heart by none other than my own Creator. At first I was angry with Him. How dare he tease and tempt us, then ask us to wait until marriage? Was I destined to live my teenage years empty, broken, and wanting? Then God enlightened me. “I created this desire within your heart to continually draw you back to Me.” Oh.  

                You’d think it was sunshine and rainbows from there and quite frankly, I thought it would be too. I now knew that I had desires and longings that were meant to only be filled by the true ‘lover of my soul’. But still, I struggled with the differences between the tangible love that the world offered, and the all-encompassing, ‘larger than life’ kind of love that my God offered.  And in all honesty, I thought I was searching for the former. I wanted a romantic love that could be seen, heard, and felt. Now this timeline is growing quite close to the present. I wish I could tell you that I experienced another revelation that answered all my questions, but I can’t. But I can tell you that I’ve chosen to embark on a remarkable journey, discovering just how romantic my God is. He just loves to surprise me with little personalized gifts that only He knows I’d love. The winks and smiles of creation, I like to call them. I’m serious. Go take a walk on a beautiful day. Or even a warm, rainy day. If you simply ask, and quiet yourself, God will extravagantly reveal Himself to you. But love is a two way street. Don’t only expect to receive. Invite God to take part in the seemingly insignificant moments of your day; the small but silly moments that you think no one else would find amusing. It’s so fun! :)  I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m writing Him a love song. That’s my gift to Him. I want to keep Him involved in my music. Not only involved, but central. That’s my personalized expression of love to Him. What’s yours?

                Oh, I would love to keep sharing and sharing; our God is so inspiring. I’m excited to keep learning how to love and be loved. God has begun to fulfill my deepest desires, hopes, and dreams, so that I can fully and selflessly love my friends, family, future husband and future children.

God bless,

“Here I am now,
Completely convinced You’re the One that I’ve longed for,
Now that I’m empty, I’m ready to be restored.
I’m craving a true love encounter with You.”
-Love Encounter


  1. Loved this! Thank you for sharing, SO inspired by miss Tiffany Joy Bondy :)!

  2. Fantastic! Just fantastic. Thank you, Tiffany! :)

  3. amazing writing skills. What a beautiful message, really inspired!!!

  4. Wow. So good! And a huge inspiration.

  5. Great article. Shared with my daughters.

  6. Wow Tiffany,
    That was beautiful!
    And so are you :)

  7. What a great piece of writing ! Congrats TJ

  8. How wonderful to come to this realization at such a remarkable age!
    Congratulations Tiffany!

  9. Good job Nicole! I'm trying to find his love again lately, no success.

  10. I agree with you God is an romantic. He has woed me time and time again to him. You have a beautiful testimony hun. But as a little correction. Agape means God's love the ultimate love. You were thinking of Phileo love which is brotherly love. We'll keep being blessed by the father in Jesus name!