Monday, August 6, 2012

God's Perfect Timing. By Ruth Kay

Ruth Kay has been a dear family friend for many years. Ruth and her husband welcomed my parents into their lives as new christians, newly married and young parents, they were an encouragement through many seasons of our families lives. Ruth has been happily married for nearly 35 years to her best friend and God has blessed their lives with two awesome children, who are now adults. 

When I thought of a topic for Ruth, her lovely daughter came to mind. My parents recently visited and caught up with Ruth and John and they came back raving about their beautiful daughter and how happy and incredibly parented she was.

God’s gift to that family was their Down Syndrome daughter who has blessed not only just them but all those who know her. Ruth wrote to me saying that her daughter never ceases to amaze them and they feel truly privileged to be parenting her.

Here is her story of a practical day in their lives seeing God work in perfect timing. It's such a good reminder that everything happens in the right season when we rely on God to lead our path.

Ruth thank you for putting this together! I cannot imagine this blog with out you being a part of it. Thank you for being a support to our family when we were all young. I have many happy memories at your house eatting yummy food, playing with clothes pins and singing songs with your oldest son. :) It was a very dear season.


God’s Perfect Timing
By Ruth Kay

My 25 year old daughter is sitting at the kitchen table.  She’s happy.   I am doing the Tidy-Heidi—with the Norwex cloth and running the vacuum before the Smart Meter changes to the Peak charge.  She’s just learned a new skill.  She’s rug hooking.  She was given the kit many, many years ago.  She tried to conquer the technique of putting the yarn onto the canvas then, but it didn’t seem to compute.  The kit was taking up space in her closet so it went to the basement.  She knew where it was.  I had long forgotten that she ever had it. 

One day last week we were visiting with friends on a hot summer’s night and throughout the course of conversation the subject of Winnie the Pooh came up.  Our daughter recalled the Winnie the Pooh rug-hooking kit that was uncompleted and she knew exactly where to locate it.  Our friend, who is an avid cross-stitcher, hooked a small section and suggested to Kali to sort the yarn according to colour as that would make working on the project easier.  She also suggested that it was something that they could do together from time to time and then the rug kit got set aside. 

The next day, not forgetting last night’s conversation, she immediately sorts the yarn—sorting is something that she really enjoys.  She wanted to try the hooking on her own.  I sat down with our daughter and she took the hook in her hand, I took the yarn pieces, and together we went through the steps and she started to get the technique.  A while later she tried again.  Some of the technique had slipped her mind.  So we sat down together and worked on it some more.  Over the next couple of days she’d get it out and work some more on it, some of the time asking for a little more support. 

But now, this morning, she has arrived!  The skill is down-pat.  I know that it is because she’s humming as she works.  She is working so diligently that she hasn’t bothered with so much as getting up to get a drink of her favourite Diet Pepsi.   The radio is playing some of her favourite songs.  Life’s good.  God is good. 

The project will soon be completed as far as the rug hooking is concerned.  I’ll clean up the yarn fibres that are floating about like cat hairs in the air.  Then it’ll be my turn to make it into something useful. 

And I expect that she’ll be looking for another rug project.  And that will be a good thing.  God’s timing is always perfect.

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven...”  

 Ecclesiastes 3:1 (Amplified Bible)

I hope this is an encouragement to those starting on their new normal life—the life that includes a special needs child. One’s new life is filled with joys, triumphs where all the milestones are celebrated and appreciated even more than with our typical children. Being able to master the art of rug hooking was one of those milestones, and even with it being delayed, it is a goal that she was able to reach. Each milestone is a gift from God.
John and I feel honoured to have been chosen by God to be parents of someone so special.

Hugs, Ruth


  1. What a lovely post Nicole, I too have benefited from having Ruth and John in my life and the life of my kids. They are amazing friends and prayer warriors. Kali and I share the same birthday and I am honored to have her in my life, what a blessing she is to everyone she meets.

  2. That is so beautiful. I was reading it aloud to David and I got all choked up about the "new normal" life. That's exactly how it is. You have to transform and embrace your "new normal" life and then you can start to enjoy all the beautiful things about it because it is beautiful!!!

  3. Ruth my beautiful friend. What a blessing and honor it is to know you and your lovely family. Kali is such a sweetie, she has such a joy about her. She has been placed into such an amazing perfect family for her. She has blossomed into a fun and sweet young lady Ruth. What a great job you guys have done. I pray for many more blessings on you and your family as the years go by. Love you guys forever Diana and Bob ♥

  4. Amen, Ruth! What a blessing to have a special needs child. As the mom of 5 beautiful children- 2 with special needs-I can testify that what Ruth says is truth...normal, everyday life for our family is a never ending adventure...all children are unique and challenging because God makes each of us uniquely in His image. A special needs child is no different, but provides a special kind of seasoning to the family "soup pot"....

  5. Thanks Ruth for Sharing just Beautiful. You, John and your family are so special. So proud of you Cousin. Kali is a beautiful young lady, Kali brings so much joy to her family and friends.

  6. These are beautiful words of reflection from a Mother's heart. Thank you for sharing them Ruth. It is so great to watch Kali grow and blossom into the young lady she is today. She is like a rare and beautiful rose bud, opening up and displaying her true inner self for all to love and enjoy!

  7. Wonderful Blessings!