Friday, August 24, 2012

Heading into the changes of fall.

Hello all my incredibly wonderful and passionate friends and family!!!

So we are all heading into the new school year. I can smell fall in the air and see the colours on the trees start to change. So hard to admit when we've had such a wonderful summer with the awesome heat and sun.

This year our family is heading into a new season. My oldest baby. Leanna Harmony age 8 is going to public school. I can barely believe it, even as I write the words now. WOW where has the time gone? I know this whole feeling of my kids growing up has been somewhat delayed because of them being homeschooled. But again WOW! I have a young lady in my home. She is such a solid kid. Not perfect, her attitude and reactions have much to be desired at times, but if you were to ask her questions about her value and worth, she would know exactly who she is! If you were to ask her who she is in God, she would relay a beautiful story of how much God loves her and that she is absolutely perfect just the way she is! I know our job is not done with her even remotely... but I am soooo proud to say we have followed God's leading so far in the first few years of her life. I believe we have stewarded her life to the absolute best our abilities. I have fought Adam so many times on homeschooling. It isn't something that comes naturally. It is hard work. I struggle. But year after year Adam has said to me... "Nicole it has nothing to do with academics, but everything to do with building character in her."

Anyone that knows me knows my journey through all the pregnancies... eekkk... it was hard. I got really really sick so teaching them became an arduous task fighting my physical needs and their schooling needs. I wore the guilt of Leanna being a "late" reader and her not knowing how to spell things correctly. I wore the guilt of her not knowing all her math facts or even the order of the months properly.... but now looking back. I am such a proud mommy. She is a smart and amazing girl! She has picked up everything that I have put down and more. Her desire to serve God and her family overflows from her. Her love for God and her sisters is a pleasure to watch. I am so confident in this next step of her growth. It's going to be hard for her. Not only is the learning curve going to be great but it's a whole new social environment. But thankfully I believe God has been preparing her. She has made some amazing friends in our neighbourhood who will be going to the same school. We have been going through a study with the girls on purity and "saving" their "kiss". And she has been growing in her relationship with God at an astounding rate.

A couple weeks ago, I started a conversation with Leanna about school and I said that her dad and I haven't decided yet whether we would be putting her in or not... and wondered what she thought about it all. Leanna said, "Mom, I am really really excited about being able to go to school with my friends, but I trust you and dad. If you say that I am not ready yet I will be totally okay with that decision." Brings tears to my eyes now. That is when I knew my baby was ready!!! She will be mature enough to handle mean kids, or social issues. She will know when to go to the teachers for help and most importantly she will know that her dad and I are completely behind her ready to help in an instant no matter what.

That brings me to the rest of the girls and specifically Cadence. We had been struggling the whole summer with putting the "girls" (Leanna and Cadence) into school and after talking to Adam, the unrest was the "s." We just do not have that same peace for Cadence. She is an incredible young lady. But the maturity in her has not quite gotten to the point where we have the confidence that she can handle the social and academic pressures that will come at her in school. To solidify the decision even more, when I talked to Cadence about what were we thinking and feeling and said, "Cadence, you are such an amazing girl, I was wondering if you would be okay with spending another year with me at home?" her response made me cry... she said, "Mommy, I really really (with tears in her eyes) want to stay home with you. I'm not ready to go to school yet." Wow. God had her heart prepared already for our decision. That being said, we are sooo excited for her to be initiated into the role of the oldest sister here at home. She will be able to mature into guiding and leading her sisters while continuing to build her self worth and understanding of how much we love her and God loves her. This year I hope to see a beautiful unwavering confidence grow of how valuable she is with out a shadow of a doubt!!!

Thank you to all of you who have been on this journey with us so far. Your encouragement, insight and wisdom is what has consistently kept us on the right course and we pray that as the changes continue on this amazing journey we call life, we will be found relying completely on God  in all circumstances.


  1. wow Nicole this is wonderful! I just so admire you and Adam for how you have been training up your beautiful girls!

  2. Solid and expected from our wonderful children ♥ Great Job!!

  3. So Excited to see the continued growth in your precious family!!!

  4. Nicole, You are blessed with absolutely beautiful daughters. Leanna looks just like you :)
    I admire how you are training them up in the way of the Lord I pray that He continues to guide you and give you strength as you continue to journey in life with them.

    1. Your words have blessed me tonight. Thank you for such kind words and encouragement!!