Friday, August 10, 2012

Shepherd or Sheepdog? - by Laura Barnes

Welcome Laura Barnes to "Passionate Women"!!! I am so excited to share her blog with you today!!! Laura is one amazing woman. She is a wife, a mom of four great boys and a kindergarden teacher at the Christian School in our church. The amount of kind words that you consistantly hear from others about Laura are endless. Laura has inspired me on many levels over the last couple years getting to know her. Which makes it such a pleasure have her join our journey of blogging. Laura also writes a blog that I encourage you to take a moment to check it out. I have enjoyed keeping up with it during the school year.

Thank you Laura for taking the time to put this together!! I am honoured that you are a part of this blog, being a passionate woman yourself!!! Abundant blessings on you and your husband as you continue to parent those awesome boys.


Shepherd or Sheepdog?
By Laura Barnes

Being a parent is not a walk in the park. It has its amazing moments, it has its not so amazing moments, it has its crazy and calm times, it has its busy and fun times. Seasons change. And as the boys get older, dealing with discipline and correction changes. How I used to just say “no” has changed into a full out conversation about the why behind the action and the why behind the change. Good strong conversations have been important as we talk things through and they gain a deeper understanding of what is expected of them ultimately as a child of God.

 I saw a quote the other day that struck a nerve. Said something like “ Lord, help me to be more of a shepherd then a sheepdog”. I can admit there have been times where I have “barked” when I could have guided, “charged” when I could have stood back and watched, or “ran” when I could have guarded.

 I …want to?, no I will …strive to be a shepherd to my boys. And who better to gain an understanding of what that would look like then from the Good Shepherd Himself. John 10:11 says it clearly “I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep”. In laying down my life for my little sheep God has blessed me with, I daily choose to speak words of encouragement, to guide them in godly truths, to pray unceasingly for them and to be the best mom these boys could ever ask for.

As I look to my shepherd, He guides me to be the best shepherd I can be. I choose not to be a sheep dog just trying to keep them in order, bringing them through the routines of life as part of my “job”. Instead, I choose to stand in the footsteps of THE Shepherd, standing firm, knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be and my sheep will be protected and guided as I continue to strive to be the shepherd not the sheepdog.

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