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"Super Mom" - by Jacqueline Ninaber

Hi all!!!! Lets welcome Jacqueline Ninaber to the blog!!!!!!

Jacqueline is a determined awesome passionate woman!! She is a supportive wife, involved in serving at church and now a new mom!!! She has a beautiful personal blog too that she writes called "Life as I know it." You can check out here Taking time to keep up with her blog alone I am sure is a challenge which makes it even more exciting to have her put together something for all of us!! Being a new mom changes everything including free time!! So what a blessing to have some straight forward easy to read thoughts from Jacqueline for all you new moms!!!

Jacqueline, I have enjoyed some pretty cool moments getting to know you, it is truly a joy to see you settle into mommy life!!! You shine with an overwhelming joy over your little Ryder!!! Blessings to you and Matt as you continue to figure out new schedules, priorities and "norms." The closer and connected you are as Husband and Wife, the easier it is to parent through even the toughest of times!!!! Even more blessings to come for you guys!!!!


"Super Mom"
By Jacqueline Ninaber

I am a mom. Wow. Those words still feel strange on my lips. It’s funny, as a little girl, you play house and dress up and have your little baby dolls that you carry around pretending to be a mom. You dress them, sing them lullabies, change their diapers and you pretend you are the best mom in the world.

But with all of the above practice, nothing can really prepare you for motherhood.

When Nicole asked me to give some insight in to what life is like as a brand new mommy, I thought to myself “What do I really have to offer?” I mean, there are a lot of moms out there who have wayyyy more experience than the seven weeks I have under my belt. But then I started to think about some things that I’ve learned over the past few weeks and put together a few points that may help or inspire you new moms.

1.      Ask for help. You’ll hear this from everyone. Every website you see, people you talk to, they’ll tell you to ask for help. But seriously, do it. You just had a baby, and as much as you want to be super mom, that can come in a couple weeks. Whether it’s your mom, a sibling, a friend, or even a neighbor, if someone offers to give you a hand, reach out and grab it. The first few days home are so overwhelming, that it can be really difficult to stay on top of things. One word of advice though: make sure to communicate what you expect when people come to help you. You need help washing the dishes, cleaning the house, getting dinner on the table. You don’t need help holding the baby while you putter around the house taking care of guests. Obviously people will want to hold your new little bundle, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Just make sure they aren’t adding more stress, but helping you relieve it.

2.      Breastfeeding is hard. After my first few weeks of nursing, I totally understood why some people give up on breastfeeding. Man, is it tough. Between learning how to help your baby latch properly, to cracked nipples, engorgement and leakage, nothing can really prepare you for the task ahead. But press on and work through it. It may take awhile, and there will probably be some (if not a lot) of tears, but eventually those nipples will heal and your baby will open wide and latch on with little guidance. You may even get a few smiles throughout it.  Plus, the bond you’ll create is priceless.
I also understand that some people are unable to nurse for numerous reasons, and if that’s the case, it’s okay! Don’t feel that you are any less of a mother because you are unable to nurse. You can still make the feeding experience so great and create an amazing bond with your little one.

3.      Knowledge is key! Learn as much as you can about everything and don’t be afraid to ask questions. One of my favourite websites is Every time something comes up with the little man that I’m unaware of, I go straight there. Between dealing with baby acne/heat rash, cradle cap and mastitis, to how to bathe your baby for the first time, Baby Center has been such a help to me, understanding what is all going on in my baby’s life. Oh, and Dr. Google is a great source of help, too.

4.      Emotional Crazy. Once again, nothing prepared me for the emotions that I would go through once I delivered the little man. I had more ups and downs than the Behemoth at Wonderland. Trust me. You’re not crazy, and you’re not alone. I was so thankful when my midwife told me to expect my emotions to be all over the place. Things would be great and I’d be happy, and then a friend would come over and I’d start bawling. For no reason. I realized that all I could really do was laugh it off and hope to get some much-needed sleep that night. I think the worst was when my mom would arrive. I felt like a kid who hurt herself and was fine until she saw her mom. Waterworks galore. Thankfully, that only lasted a week or two and now things are back to normal. If you notice, though, that things have not gone back to normal after two weeks, please talk to your doctor. Post-par tum depression is a real thing and not something to brush off or mess with. Never be afraid to talk to someone about how you’re feeling.

5.      Sleep when the baby sleeps. I realized that I sound like a 40-year-old mom, because I’m sure everyone has heard this, but seriously. The dishes can wait for a few hours, so can the laundry and dinner. Especially if your little one enjoys waking up a few times a night. Get your rest. That’s the first step to being super mom.

Being a mom is great. I grow more and more in love with my little guy every day. Cherish every moment, take lots of pictures, and don’t wish this time away. Before we know it, they’ll be walking, then running, then driving cars and getting married! Have fun and don’t stress. You’ll be super mom in no time.

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  1. Why is it we always feel like having a pristine house 24/7? It took me a while to relax on the dishes and vacuuming. Then I learned the joys of afternoon naps (and still do!). Thanks for sharing your first-time mom advice!