Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Spiritual Discipline of Being Frugal - blog link from "IntentionalByGrace"

Please enjoy this link from a blog that I am following A LOT lately!!! This specific post has such wisdom on the "Spiritual Discipline of Being Frugal." Definatly hit a chord for what Adam and I are really focusing on lately!!!!

Some of you may have seen a Post on FB about doing a one month plan for groceries. We have been really taking account of where we are spending money and desiring to become better stewards of what is coming in. We have been realizing how much we are using an entitlement mentality to many purchases lately. The "we need and we should" has been infecting our reasoning.  We've been chatting alot about how our parents, grandparents, and even great great great grandparents lived and desiring to embrace more of that mentality. To the point where listening to the 40's has become our new favorite background music.

We now are starting to realize we have a family of 7... yup I know took a while... but our girls each eating almost as much as I do, plus heading into seasons of new financial needs as far as schooling is concerned, we have to be ever more vigilant of the money being spent. We can easily justify "needs" that just are not needs.

Shesh, so I just watched a video on consumerism and the one stats that hit me the hardest was hearing that 99% of what is purchased is thrown out within 6mths and that we are spending twice as much as our grandparents did 50 years ago. That is crazy. So... all that being said. Lets be aware of what's actually needed to be spent and what is not. Lets not take advantage of the privilege of living in Canada!

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