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The Weirdest Morning, An Amazing Community & God's Hand In All Things - Feb 1, 2009

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Many of you have heard this story that Adam wrote by now, from either Facebook or from our testimony on a Wednesday night last year at church. But I really felt stirred to put it up again for those of you who were not around to hear a real healing in my life 3 years ago.

Recently I just found out about a really good friend of ours Ryan, who's wife Heidi is in the hospital right now with what the doctors are saying is an inoperable tumor in her brain. This is something that was fought before and healed with a clear scan just this April 2012. So what a shock to the family to be given this news after some pretty worrying symptoms started to arise again.

My purpose for sharing is to stir our faith to believe in miracles and complete healing. But most of all to ask that you to partner with us and pray for Heidi and believe for her complete healing and miracle!!!!


Here’s the Story (It's Really Long):

Nicole woke up Sunday morning, 6:20 am, with numbness in her arms & legs, no feeling what-so-ever. In panic she stood up and collapsed to the floor. This woke me from my sleep, and I got her back up onto the bed. She was panicking of the numbness "rolling" over her, so I rubbed her body vigorously and feeling began to come back.

(6:30 am) At this point, I ran to the phone and called Chris Mitchell who said he would be there asap. Chris called Jim Lee and the prayer chain ball started to roll.

While on the phone with Chris I quickly Googled "Sudden Numbness". What came up made my heart drop, “Stroke, TIA…” So I grabbed "Faith & Confession" off my bookshelf and ran back upstairs. Nicole was still on the bed; however the numbness was back and spreading to her mouth, lips, tongue and chest. While I was putting her clothes on her, she lost her speech, and became weak all over. Her face began to droop on the right side. Not my favorite memory! This lasted for the longest 30 seconds I will ever remember.

(6:35 am) Once this pasted she began to show very odd Neurological symptoms, left was right, right was left... up was down, depth perception was off, trying to get socks she got my shorts, couldn't find things that were right there. Then her speech began to not make any sense, English words that shouldn't be in the same sentence (Ex: "I house feeling same shoes go")

What I had been told in First Aid to deal with these symptoms (ie: stroke and such) was to get the brain active and translating information. So I gave her the phone and told her to punch in our number, over and over. She had a great amount of difficulty doing so, but seemed to get progressively better as time past.

(6:45 am) Chris showed up, so we gave him a brief synopsis and left for the hospital immediately (van was already running). Chris called Jim Lee to give him the update of all the weird symptoms.

On the way to the hospital I kept telling Nicole of memories in the past (birth of kids, birthday parties, dating stories, engagement, wedding day). Her comprehension of what I was telling here seemed to deteriorate as well as her awareness of her surroundings. She kept praying the whole drive and her countenance improved. She became pleasant and calm. I hit all green lights on the drive to the hospital and got the parking space closest to the emerg doors.

(7:00 am) We walked into Triage and the nurse waved us right in. Zero wait. At this point Nicole could not understand what was being said to her, and couldn’t read. The nurse moved surprisingly quickly and we were into Emerg Acute Care by 7:10 am.
Things started to move fast for the better now, in between 7:10 am and 2:00 pm, Nicole was given a CT Scan, Blood Work (with results returned), a Lumbar Puncture and an MRI. Pretty impressive for a Sunday! We call that favor!

At 8:08 I texted Jason Brown to have him tell Nicole’s father the situation. I did not want him to find out through Pastor’s prayer! Jason was walking into Worship Team pre-service prayer at Koinonia (normally starts at 8:15), and they were already praying hard for Nicole.

By 9:00 am, we had the entire day worked out for babysitting. Tim & Becky Staken took over at 10:45, which allowed Chris Mitchell to go to second service, and Dennis & Jannette Drost took over at 6:00 pm and stayed overnight.

The Neurological symptoms were gone by about 1:00 pm and my dad came to visit. Then Pastor Paul. Nicole was looking alert and “back”.

Nicole’s parents were able to be there for when Nicole came out of the MRI, and Jason Brown took me out to get some lunch.

From here on in (rest of Sunday) Nicole fought an incredibly intense Migraine and nausea. However, this dissipated by midnight and they moved her to a bed on the 6th floor at 1:00 am.

She had a rough night with nausea and constant vital checks, but by the afternoon on Monday was back to a tired, but pleasant normal.

Tuesday/Wednesday was filled with blood work, an EEG, meeting with a Neurologist,
Infectious Disease Specialist and the resident Doctor.

The complication was that everything looked like a full-blown stroke, but by 9:00 am the CT Scan was clean and the MRI was also clean. Then lumbar puncture then indicated that it could be an infection in her brain, Viral Encephalitis. Except that she recovered in remarkable time. “Infections don’t just disappear.” the doctor commented. Viral Encephalitis has an 10-14 day treatment of anti-viral drugs administered through IV.

After three or four meetings with the Neurologist they moved the diagnosis from Viral Encephalitis to HaNDL This is a rare condition that has only 100 published cases in the world. This condition lasts for three months and then the patient should never encounter these symptoms/episodes again. They called this a “diagnosis of exclusions”.

I have my own theory. There was a major attack on Nicole on Sunday morning. But God just intervened in incredible ways.
1. I was not on Worship Team that Sunday, due to meeting with Steve Warner and arranging a couple of Sunday’s off in February. I would have been driving out the drive-way at that time.
2. Since I was not on, I planned on going to the gym. The night before Nicole says to me (and I quote) “Don’t go, I’m going to need help tomorrow morning.” It’s taken me a number of years, but I’ve learned to heed her warnings. I didn’t go to my normal 6:00 workout.
3. When our community of believers prayed, I think Nicole had some supernatural surgery at about 8:15-8:45 that morning. It should have been something more serious, but by the time the hospital got around to checking it, they were seeing the repaired state of Nicole’s brain, not the damaged. God has completely healed Nicole!

Now, I understand that they have to title it something, “HaNDL”, but we title it “JESUS!”

Thank you so much to our friends and family!!!! Mom’s and Dad’s, you are blessings beyond what we can express. We could not have done this without you! Koinonia, we are so incredibly blessed to be in a community such as this! Your overwhelming support on so many levels has been a blessing that I cannot put into words! We love you all!


For those of you who are going through something right now. God is a great God and a God who heals. I know that first hand.

If you would like more information on healing please take a moment to read this blog that is filled with scriptures on healing. Print it off, read and claim those scriptures for your life or the life of a loved one!!!!
A friend of Heidi's posted this song on her prayer support facebook page and thought I would share the song here too for all of you!!!


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  1. God takes care of those who love Him :) What an amazing story.