Thursday, August 16, 2012



I had no idea what this meant until the beginning of this year.  On a friends FB wall I saw these photos and it really hit me.

It's overwhelming thinking of those who throw their lives away making decisions that they will regret all over the message of YOLO.


YOLO doesn't have to mean this!!!!

Here are some "YOLO" pictures that I have collected of some amazing women!!! There are soooo many that this is only a very small snipit of Women around me living out YOLO!! They are all living their dreams and calling on their lives, allowing God to use them to love on others and grow as a woman!!!


We are women called to do great things! We are the heart of this world intended to mend, heal, serve, care, love, teach, mother, reach out, inspire, encourage and so much more!!! Lets all fulfill God's calling on our lives. You Only Live Once!!!! Lets make it count!!!!!

All my feelings end up connected to a song... here's another one!!


  1. Love the blog today!!

  2. awesome nicole!

  3. This is great love the song too!