Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Motion 312

Well in the excitement and rush to get out of the church, I forgot all of my notes for the evening so, we are all on pause for the Lioness Arising recap until tomorrow/Friday when I am able to pick them back up and write it out.

That being said... Man O man!!! Did God ever stir today.

I am sure you have all caught wind of Motion 312 that was being voted on today. Without intending to offend... my emotions are bubbling over to the point where I just can't hold it in!!!! So here's my blahhhh!!!!!!

Take a moment and watch!!!

I don't know how to handle the frustration that I feel right now to know that this was not passed!

Here's the verdict.... from a article on the CTV website.(

MPs voted down a Conservative backbencher’s motion that sought to resurrect the abortion debate Wednesday, but 10 cabinet ministers were able to show their support for the motion, including Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose.
In a vote of 203 to 91, Motion 312 was defeated in the House of Commons Wednesday evening.
The private member’s bill was put forth by Kitchener Centre MP Stephen Woodworth.
In the months leading up to the vote, Woodworth argued that the motion was not an attempt to criminalize abortion procedures in Canada.
Instead, he insisted it was intended to strike a 12-member, all-party committee to study the definition of when a newborn can legally be considered a human being.
Currently the Criminal Code declares that a child is a human being when it emerges alive from the mother’s womb.
But in the 1988 ruling that confirmed abortion rights in Canada there was a note of the potential need to protect the unborn at some point during a pregnancy, argued Woodworth and his supporters.
During Wednesday’s vote, Prime Minister Stephen Harper kept good on his campaign promises not to re-open the abortion debate and voted against the motion. Harper had earlier called the motion “unfortunate.”
However, more than 80 Conservative MPs voted in favour of it.
Four Liberal MPs also voted in favour of the motion, while the NDP caucus opposed it.
Following the vote, Woodworth told reporters he hoped Canadians would continue to pressure MPs on the issue.
"I hope that people all across Canada will really take to heart, will be moved to advocate that we enshrine in Canadian law the inherent worth and dignity of every human being," Woodworth said.

THIS IS NOT THE CANADA that I beleive in... that we turn our eyes away from the truth for the sake of trying to stand firm on "pro-right" abortion issue. This had little to do with trying to pull up the abortion topic but to make a motion on what is right. There is no magical moment when we pass the babe through the birth canal that changes the little one from being non-human to human!!! Should we not know the truth... WHY ARE WE WALKING AROUND choosing to have our EYES CLOSED...

WOW... I don't even know where to go from here.... it has struck a chord!!!

Thank you to all the amazing women who prayed tonight!!!! The Spirit of the Lord was heavy in that room as we all prayed and believed for a change of heart. I pray that the gravitude of this motion is brought into light again and that the men and women who voted against this is brought to a place of immense awareness!!!

Blessing to all of you!! May we not walk around with our eyes shut. Let us WAKE UP PASSIONATE WOMEN of this COUNTRY!!! Lets allow our voices be heard!!! Let's not stand idly by watching the world go on around us with out STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!!!!

Here is a post from a really good friend of mine that has really really helped to continue to put me in the right mind!!!

Jennifer Bryant Choong : you know though, I feel the momentum growing in my spirit too - the Church IS WAKING UP and using her voice and God-given authority to speak the truth and be heard. Parliament was apparetnly backlogged with emails, phone calls, post-cards, letters, people .... all with the same message "We want to see babies called human BEFORE they are born - yes! from conception on!" There is a huge swell and tide that is rising. I think of in the book of Daniel chapter 10, where there was a battle for 21 days - only after the fact Daniel was told his prayer was heard the first time he spoke it, but the answer was prevented due to a great battle in the heavenlies. Seeing as we do not battle agaisnt flesh and blood,but principalities and powers and the rulers of darkness, I think it's safe to say there's a battle going on about the unborn, and the deep deception involved with that. We continue pressing on and standing up for truth and justice. Every prayer is still effective and active in the spiritual realm. We are engaging in that battle in the heavenlies as we pray - it will come into this natural reality because we can see it with our faith eyes and have a hold of it with our prayers. "It's just a matter of time" as Misty Edwards sings :-)
Wow I have that song playing right now... bringing me to tears... what a beautiful song!!!!
He is going to turn it all around!!!!

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