Friday, October 5, 2012

My week.

My week
Before I start into the weekly recap of the Lioness Arising, I need to tell you all that this week has been far from a perfect week. It always amazes me when you know God is doing something powerful that the enemy starts to seep his way in to try to distract and derail you from your focus on the greater call He has for your life. I woke up on Wednesday morning with a HUGE feeling of oppression. I was physically fatigued, emotionally strained, and spiritually weak. Things that typically don't knock me down were tugging and pulling my peace away. I felt overwhelmed and tired. I reached out to my mom and vented a little and she automatically said that I need to ask some of my friends for prayer!! (Praise the Lord for mothers of great faith!) So with the guidance of my mom I emailed a few of my prayer warrior women!! That day I got letters of prayer and encouragement and I felt a bit of the dark cloud lift.
That night I headed to our Life Group. Still struggling to lift my head out of the water. But God is so good and so faithful. I was honest with our incredible group of ladies as we introduced the night and asked for prayer. I believe with all of my heart that through our choice to be real and not fake that we can grow the most. Grow in relationship with each other and with God. When we choose not to put on a front, but to embrace the trials that each of us go through and ask for help, that's where we see God work in miraculous ways!!!
Last night Adam put on worship music for us to fall sleep and wake to and with the support of those women of prayer, this morning, the oppression lifted. God covered our bedroom with peace and gave me a picture of Adam and I worshiping together. I couldn't ask for a more encouraging image to move into my day with!!!

To all of you who are fighting the oppression of the enemy today, lift up your eyes to the Lord. Take a deep breath knowing that God is right there beside you and has been all this time. All you needed to do is pull that curtain away from your face and see that He has never left you!! (

Blessings my friends knowing that you are not alone. Allow God to reveal to you the women that are around you that can encourage, support and pray for you!! Open up your lives to others. A fulfilling life is a life lived with others!!!


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