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Lioness Arising Session 8 Recap.

Lioness Arising Session 8

Walking and Roaring with our Lion

The most important thing in life is to hear from God and then to follow Him.

Walking with our God is like walking with a Lion.

Lisa gives the story of the part in Narnia when Lucy sees Aslan who is directing them to go in a certain direction and the others don't believe her. They have an arduous time that they and end up in the same place where they started. Lucy then awakes to the call from Aslan who tells her that she should have listened in the beginning, whether or not the others followed.

Some times we just know things that no one else sees. In those moments we need to remember that we are not alone and not to be afraid.

At times God will appear to only us in a situation.
We need to wake up and sense that God is with us. Getting up and going means that we are willing to see what will be on the other side.

We want a map and replay but God wants to create mystery.

Things never happen the same way twice.

Don't measure what is before you with what was behind you.

There is something that happens when you are ready even if you don't know where you are going.

God alone knows where to lead us.
God will give us the strength to go where He is leading.

Where is it that God is leading that you are afraid to walk into?

Matthew 16:24-25
Then Jesus went to work on his disciples. “Anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead. You’re not in the driver’s seat; I am. Don’t run from suffering; embrace it. Follow me and I’ll show you how.

No one wants to embrace suffering. But we need to allow God to rise us up to become a people invincible.

We need to be amazed at the enormity of what we have been entrusted to.

God's focus for us will always involve other people.

1 Timothy 1:18
The prophetic word that was directed to you prepared us for this. All those prayers are coming together now so you will do this well, fearless in your struggle, keeping a firm grip on your faith and on yourself. After all, this is a fight we’re in.

There are prophesy and visions for you to grab a hold of with a tenacious passion

Lisa believes that the last decade was an out working of brokenness.

We are to wield weapons for others.
God is going to ask us to rule on behalf of others.

We as women need to be amazed at what we have been entrusted and know that it has more to do with the future then the right now.

We will need God and add the factor of prayer to be empowered.

We need to pray with a purpose.

Humility begins with a whisper but prayer ends with a roar.

In order for a lion to roar they need a change in posture.
They need to stand to their feet and drop their head to open the rib cage (increases capacity, humility increases our capacity for more of God.) Then they breathe in all the air they can , lift their head then release the mighty roar. That roar contains enough power to be heard with in a 5 mile radius. And shakes the ground around them. You don't just hear the roar you feel it.
We need to have a posture change so that the weight of our payer is not just heard but felt.

Jeremiah 25:30
“‘God roars like a lion from high heaven;
thunder rolls out from his holy dwelling—
Ear-splitting bellows against his people,
shouting hurrahs like workers in harvest.
The noise reverberates all over the earth;
everyone everywhere hears it."

When we begin to exemplify our Lion we will hear his roar and it will echo it on earth.

Hosea 11:10

“The people will end up following God.
I will roar like a lion—
Oh, how I’ll roar!
My frightened children will come running from the west.
Like frightened birds they’ll come from Egypt,
from Assyria like scared doves.
I’ll move them back into their homes.”
God’s Word!"

"The God whisper has become a shout." Bobby Huston
".....And the collective shout has become a roar." Lisa Bevere
Job 26:11-14
"Thunder crashes and rumbles in the skies.
Listen! It’s God raising his voice!
By his power he stills sea storms,
by his wisdom he tames sea monsters.
With one breath he clears the sky,
with one finger he crushes the sea serpent.
And this is only the beginning,
a mere whisper of his rule.
Whatever would we do if he really raised his voice!”

Joshua 6:10
 " Joshua had given orders to the people, “Don’t shout. In fact, don’t even speak—not so much as a whisper until you hear me say, ‘Shout!’—then shout away!”

Whatever would we do if He raised His voice?

God is surrounding things and created a lull, until He completely surrounds. Then He will ask us to release a shout!

It's not enough to be just angry, we need to pray, and shout our pain.

Lets bring forth life from the pain and redeem the turmoil.

Like a woman in labour, let us be efficient through the pain in order to bring forth life.

"I was not the lion but it fell to me to give the roar." Winston Churchill.

Lions roar to protect their territory to say that are up and alert. It sets up boundaries, and creates allegiances and allies. It reveals the character and strength!! The roar declares who they are.

Lionesses roar to protect the young. They never roar alone but in groups of three or more!!! They also roar to validate and call in the lost members of the tribe.

We need to declare His domain and to protect the young from death and destruction.

Lets remember not to face the darkness alone.

Ecclesiastes 4:12
"By yourself you’re unprotected.
With a friend you can face the worst.
Can you round up a third?
A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped."
Matthew 22:37
Jesus said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list.

FAITH, HOPE, LOVE - Prayer is the motivation of all of these.

We need to pray passionate, intelligent, and strategic prayers with a God purpose.

"Rise like lions after slumber, in unvaquishable number, shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you- ye are many- they are few." Percy Bysshe Shelley

Open our eyes to know that there are more with us then with them.



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