Thursday, November 29, 2012

The end of a Season!

Hi all you wonderful women!!!

So, we have now finished off our Semester of Life Groups at our church and said our blessings to the women of the Group in class and I would love to share Cecile Turners blessing for all of you who were following along on the blog.

"I challenge you ladies to stop hiding in the long grass, stop peeking out and observing what others are doing, how they are going on in God  - but Part the grass and come leaping out in strength - not to dominate but to shine by bringing what you have to the PRIDE! 
I challenge you not to slumber or hesitate in your gifting but realize the beauty and wonder that has been poured into you. You are God's solution to your world. This is same solution for THE world.

Thank God for continuing to bring their gifting into focus, to bring clarity like a microscope as He brings things into focus that we couldn't see naturally, but were always right before our eyes!
Thank God for the time that we had, this chiros time that afforded us a Pool of Bethsaida moment - the anointing, the stepping out in faith to meet Jesus and be healed and empowered to move forward! Revelation gives you the permission to go there!"

Beautiful hey??!!! What an encouragement and challenge!!!

Well I have had quite the time and season while leading this life group. I know God is a God who loves to teach and bring us through a journey and I feel like the last few months has been a bit surreal. Among the business of it. Which honestly was more "full" then it was busy for the most part. It was as if, each session, God popped out a new lesson and allowed me to be challenged in new ways, all directly connected with each week of teaching and leading. FUNNY how that all works.

Session 1
Awaken a Lioness....
... this was a session that I really really had a hard time with because I have desperately desired to have dreams from God and can only really recall one... and certainly not one recently. So I am still on this journey of praying over my sleep and believing that God will come to me in my sleep to speak over my spirit and awaken my soul.

Session 2
Dangerously Awake
To get to the Lion, the enemy will have to tranquilize the lioness.
I feel like I have been in a season of this. A season of unhealthy anxiety and horrible sleep. I have been side tracked for many many months, trying to get past a nagging dark cloud. It has been so hard to shake it. And I have tried... but tried mostly on my own with my own strength. I am only beginning to see how the enemy has been keeping me from where my focus should be. I don't remember the last time that I journaled. Something that was dear to me a couple years back and I have known that I have needed to get back to that. So last night with the push from my husband. I wrote and wrote. I pray this is a step to an overwhelming awakening of my spirit to be able to see what God is doing, to an even greater extent!!!

Session 3
The Sum of Fear and Wonder
"Our thoughts create our reality - where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go." Peter Mc Williams
I have created a fear in my mind of sickness that has captivated my attention and focus. I have meditated on the thought of being sick instead of trusting God and His desire for us to live long and fruitful lives.

It's not enough to be captivating if we are still captive!
It's not enough to fight if we are just fighting for ourselves!

“My dear friends, this is now the second time I’ve written to you, both letters reminders to hold your minds in a state of undistracted attention.” 2 Peter 3:1

You and I are responsible for holding our minds at attention. No one else can hold your mind but you. You determine what you will attend to. It is one of the ways you develop strength.

Session 4
Strength is for Service
"When was the last time you were part of fulfilling someone else’s dream? "
So this was the week that I found out that I hadn't been picked for a part of Christmas in Concert. To be honest, I totally would not have picked myself either. I had almost peed myself singing for the audition, I was shaky and scared and full of anxiety. So much that there is no way that it made sense to put me through!!! That aside, it was hard. First off because it was the first time I have sang for me, since about 10 years ago when I gave up my dream of singing in any form. I put myself out there. Which is the wrong motivation in the first place. My purpose in life should be to do things to serve others not my self!!! Secondly because I had to watch those who I had encouraged to audition get parts. I helped in pushing others to see a dream come to pass. That was difficult. What a lesson to go through. But vital. We all have calling on our lives. This is not my season for music. If I had gotten a part, I would not have been able to dial in and enjoy to the extent that I have the semester of leading a life group! You, all you women out there are my calling. You are why I write and why I live a life open to relationships beyond me!!

Session 5
Under the Same Mission
Healthy lions and lionesses know they need each other if they are to flourish rather than merely survive. The key words here are healthy, need and flourish. It is healthy to admit we need others; it is healing for both genders to acknowledge this truth.
God has been bringing me on a journey of how much that I need my husband and to be unified with him though all circumstances.
INDIVIDUALS WHO DO NOT LIVE ON PURPOSE WANDER AIMLESSLY!!! We have been living too long with out a clarified purpose. We are now on a mandated season of praying over our nightimes and plan on putting together our "Rallying Cry" for our family!! Adam and I need to continue to allow our individual roles to build our family towards success. Success in the calling that God is laying before us!

Session 6a
Greet and Groom
This was by far one of my favorite sessions. This has been one of the great journeys that God has put me on in the last many years. Of how much that we as women need each other. And how much I need to choose women to speak into my life. I am blessed to say that through this life group, and our church. I have found some key women. To keep on grooming me and encouraging me in life.  (Thank you dear mothers/mentors I pray for a continuation of depth and purposed relationship) Also Mom I love you! Thank you for always being there for me and for grooming me through the 28 years and counting.

Session 6b
Lioness are Strategic
Through one of the ladies in the group I got the opportunity to read an incredible book. One that I have posted on the FB group. What a revelation of the need for living with a clear picture of purpose for our family. I am looking forward to the Christmas week off for Adam to go though putting down on paper our family mandate!!!

Session 7
Lionesses Live in the Light and Hunt in the Dark
Two of the questions that were in the work pages were:
Is there an area in your life that is currently weighing on you?
Is there an area in which you are not “keeping company” with Jesus?
As Session 3 began to pull out, I have had huge night time anxiety and fear of health issues. That has been weighing on me for about a year. I have written about a time when I went in to the hospital and I believe that Satan planted a seed of fear in my heart and through the busy season our last baby being born and moving I hadn't had time to process and really pray out anything that Satan had put into my heart. I had made an agreement with myself that I would end up getting sick again. I am full force in prayer warrior mode to get that crap out of my life. I am claiming life, health and restoration for myself and a bright and exciting future for what God has called me in!!! Praise the Lord for being able to be a mother, a wife, daughter, sister and friend for a long long life time!!!

Session 8
Walking and Roaring with our Lion
Don't measure what is before you with what was behind you.
We need to pray passionate, intelligent, and strategic prayers with a God purpose.

Both of those points have hit like a ton of bricks!!! God works His wonders in new and beautiful ways, each time. The enemy is not creative and will attempt to get at us in the same way, always overplaying his hand. I will not claim what was behind me as what is to come but I WILL pray passionate, intelligent and strategic prayers!!!! Ready to see what God has on the horizon for me and my family!!!

Well that has been my journey.

Thank you all dear friends. For your continued support and love, through every season.

I hope that you have had at least a couple "Pop" out moments during these last few months of Lioness Arising.

I look forward to a new season starting in the next couple week with amazing and beautiful new Guest blogs!!!


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