Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"A moment from the bubble bath." by Heather Speers

Okay so this is the coolest thing!!! I have been praying... I typically have posts lined up and waiting in my inbox for the right moment and time to post it... and for the first time in about a year... I was empty... and didn't know what I should post. But I also didn't feel the push to start my next "batch" of requests!!! Okay okay so here is the really cool thing... Today out of the blue a friend of mine asked if she could share something that she wrote yesterday... and I thought ya sure... I love hearing stories... and she shared this.... BEAUTIFUL!!! O my goodness... what a wonderful insight into her mothering and a challenge to remember to embrace all those little moments with our children... and a reminder of the consistent web of God's hand teaching us through life!!! Instantly I asked if I could share it on here... so enjoy... this is a God moment.
SOOO it's my pleasure today to introduce you to Heather Speers. A beautiful woman!! One thing that I respect A LOT about Heather is how genuine she is!!! There is no mask, no pretences. She is a real mother, wife and woman choosing to learn and grow and follow God with all of her heart!! It has been a pleasure to from a distance notice all the little journeys over the years that Heather has shared about. So I am even more thrilled to be able to share this moment she had with her babe where God spoke to her and taught her from a seemingly simple opportunity!!!
Thank you Heather for sharing... thank you for being willing to send this... what a pleasure to have you be a part of our journey... a part of Passionate Women!!! Blessings to you and your husband as you continue to serve the Lord with all of you hearts and raise two men and a little lady of faith!!!
"A Moment From The Bubble Bath"
by Heather Speers.

Yesterday I was enjoying a snow day off of school with my 3 kids. My 5 year old daughter, who is the middle child, really wanted to have a bubble bath. My youngest son was in bed sleeping, and my eldest was lost in the world of Lego at the kitchen table, so I took the time to spend a few moments with my daughter, drawing her a bath. She got into the water and asked me if I would put my feet into the water and sit with her. In my mind I had a to-do list a mile long that was just waiting to be tackled, especially since my 8 month old was sleeping. But I purposefully took the time to sit with my daughter and put my feet in the tub.

Opportunities for moments like these can quickly pass by without our knowledge of how encouraging they can be. My daughter and I talked about her friends at school, about what she wanted to be when she grew up and about drains. Where do drains go, what happens to things in drains, the safety of our possessions around drains, etc. I told her to be careful with jewelery around sinks/drains. Earrings could be lost, so could rings. And we started the conversation about wedding rings and marriage, and symbols of love. I took off my wedding ring to show her the band and that is when the lesson I was to learn became apparent.

Now if I did not sit for a moment, quiet the whirling to-do list, and have a meaningful conversation with my 5 year old about marriage, I would have missed what I'm about to share with you.

When I took off my wedding ring to allow my daughter to hold on to it, I noticed something. On the inside of my band there is an opening where the diamonds sit and you can see right through the diamonds to the other side (though not clearly, but to allow the light to shine through). However, when I examined the inside of the band I noticed that it was completely dark. I could not see the individual diamonds. From the outside, the ring looked normal. I had ten little diamonds in a row on my band, doing their job of representing my commitment to my husband in marriage.
What I did not realize was that I had neglected to take care of the backside (behind the scenes) of the ring (the marriage commitment). I quickly acknowledged my error, and grabbed an old toothbrush and began to clean out the crud blocking the light.

How often do we go on auto pilot in our marriages, just humming along and thinking that everything is ok? From the outside view, everything looks great, functioning just as it should be. But when do we stop and take a moment to reflect, and polish up our commitment to our spouse? When do we examine our relationship or our attitudes toward our spouse to see if they need a little polishing?
I sat there in repentance, knowing that I needed to sweep away crusty attitudes, shine up what we have together as a couple, and to press on as a tightly knitted unit. When I cleaned behind my diamonds, guess what happened? I could actually see through to the other side. And you know what else happened? From the outside, everything sparkled just a little brighter.

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