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"Whole" By Taigan Bombay

Well I am so excited to share this with you!!!! I have the pleasure of introducing this blog by Taigan Bombay!!! This amazing woman has held a very dear part of my heart since I was surprised with a birthday party about 7 years ago. Her friendship is a gift that I will treasure for a lifetime!!! (It also helps that her husband and my husband were room mates and best friends in Bible College.) Taigan's journey into marriage and motherhood has been incredibly exciting to watch. Possibly because she is one of the most genuine women I have ever met. Never mincing words or pretending to be something she is not... she has taken on every stage with tenacity and a willingness to learn and grow. Her love for God and heart to serve Him with everything has translated into a blog that I have been following called  Selah: Praise and Meditation A Blog by Taigan Bombay I encourage all of you to take a moment and check it out... It is AMAZING!!! SOOOOO easy to read, and you can pretty much relate to everything she writes as she puts into words what God is teaching her from day to day.

Taigan... I am honored to be a friend and to share life with you!! I am proud of the woman you have become!! From meeting you at the tail end of your teens to seeing you mature into an incredible mother and wife. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts over the last couple years in your blog!!! You are an incredible writer and I pray that you will continue to see blessing and favor in every area of your life!!! (Be sure to tell your hubby I love him too... and kiss that adorable little baby that I will meet some day soon!!!)

By Taigan Bombay

Often times I find myself asking God why He uses the people that He does. Why does one gain fame? Another "become" rich? Why do some people have the ability to talk to anyone at anytime? How do the most

unlikely people rise from the worst of circumstances, and become great?

Since the beginning of the year I haven't been able to get the word

whole out of my mind. The last few days it has been rolling around in my heart, and I feel like it has become my "word of the year".

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of "things on the go". Always started, never completed. I have parts of me that I feel have come a long way, and other parts that I feel are a frazzled mess.

I desire to be full in heart, deep in character, and to complete everything that I take on whole-heartedly.

The other day I was reading my daily devotional from

(an AWESOME online site that I highly recommend), and it brought me to this verse:

"But my servant Caleb, because he has a

different spirit and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land into which he went, and his descendants shall posses it…" Numbers 14:24 (ESV)


The Israelites escaped from the Egyptians and a life of slavery. Caleb and some other men went and scoped out the land that God had promised to them. When they approached it they saw that

the inhabitants were very strong, and they told their people that they would not be strong enough to take over the land. But Caleb --- he believed that they were fully capable of taking it. Regardless, the Israelites

continued to complain and turn against God. The didn't enter the Promise Land at that time, and continued to wander around the desert for 40 years.

Growing up in church, I have heard this story hundreds of times. I know that the Israelites were whiney. I know how it ends, etc… but I had never read the part about Caleb like I did this time. After questioning

God so many times about why He uses the people that He does, it was so clear.

"because he has a different spirit, and has followed me fully."


whole heartedly.





There is no mention of Caleb's talent, or dynamic verbal skills. It doesn't say he was above average in intellect. He wasn't bigger or stronger. He wasn't supernaturally gifted.

He had a different spirit, and he followed God with a full heart and the belief that he could do what God had called him to do.

I was so intrigued by Caleb that I HAD to look up what his name meant on

(its an obsession that i have, because i think that names are so important and i like when people reflect the name that

they have been given)

and here is what it said:

whole. hearted.

This year, even though I have resolved to have no resolutions, I am striving to live whole hearted in everything that I do. As a wife, mom, friend, dental hygienist, leader, etc. I am going to stop asking God what he requires of me so that I can become great, and just do what he has already called me to do --- fully.

i will

work on the talents He has already given me.

love unconditionally.

trust fully.

reach beyond my comfort zone.

listen for His still small voice.

be bold enough to be different.

live everyday knowing that it's a stepping stone to a greater path that I am being led down.

Caleb was 40 when he first saw the Promised Land, and he didn't enter it until he was 85. He was only 1 of 2 men from the first generation of Israelites that entered the land that they were searching for.

a whole hearted person:

remembers the promise, even when it seems to be broken.

remains hopeful during disappointments.

recognizes that just because it hasn't happened, it doesn't mean it's lost.

remains on the path, when the detour is tempting.

Whatever you are facing, or going to face this year, do it whole heartedly. You may not know the destination, or the reasons why you are on the journey, but if you can go down the path fully trusting the one who leads you - I promise that the reward is great.

God is looking for the one who sees things differently, and will follow him fully.
Those are the ones that He uses.
Those are the ones that He makes great.

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