Wednesday, February 20, 2013


In the summer I had the pleasure of a play date with this incredible woman! Tammy Etich, has such a powerful and exciting testimony of how her and her husband Menahem encountered God in their little apartment so many years ago. If you know her.. be sure to ask her how they came to know Jesus, like I said powerful story!!! After meeting with Tammy I felt so impressed to ask her to share on Passionate Women! To my excitement last week, she finally had a chance to put the finishing touches on this blog.  The last couple sentences were so powerful, I am going to lead off with it also "I encourage you to stop trying to make it all happen through your own strength and wisdom. Cease from trying and start trusting the Lord. Let Him work in and through you to overcome your challenges accomplish your dreams and fulfill His plans and purposes for your life. When God does it with His wisdom, power and timing, it can only be perfect!"

Tammy, your heart and desire to serve Jesus Christ is so incredibly evident in your life. You are an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing this post it challenge me and reminded me again!! I printed off just yesterday a big sign to put on my fridge. "God birth a vision of a bigger dream for me that fulfills the calling for my life that YOU desire for me!!" Huge blessings to you and your family as you continue to walk out the calling on your lives. Dream big guys, dream big!!!!


By Tammy Etich

If you were to ask me a year ago if I experienced condemnation on a regular basis, I would have said no.  I was seemingly going through life thinking that condemnation was not a problem for me.  I knew that God loved me and that he wanted to bless me.  But why was I not always experiencing His blessings in my life?

My journey on living a life free from condemnation and resting in His finished work began while I was pregnant with my second child.  My first childbirth didn’t go the way I expected it to go and I experienced a very painful three day labour which ended with an emergency c-section.  In my heart, I had a strong desire to give birth naturally but the doctors said after my first delivery that they recommend doing c-sections going forward.  So my husband Menahem and I got into the Word and discovered God’s promises regarding childbirth as well as Jackie Mize’s book “Supernatural Childbirth”.  I was standing firm on His promises and believed for God’s supernatural power to take over in my body for my son to enter this world naturally, supernaturally!

Well, when I was about 7 months pregnant, all of these thoughts of doubt and condemnation (although I didn’t know it at the time) starting going through my mind.  What if I didn’t pray enough, what if my faith is not strong enough, what if I didn’t take my confessions often enough, and so on.  One night I was sitting down talking with Menahem about this and I concluded that maybe we should just believe for a supernatural recovery from a c-section because I didn’t want to put my child’s life in danger and I surely didn’t want to go through the same experience that I had with my first childbirth.  And he said something that was so simple but exactly what I needed to hear. He said your words keep saying "I" instead of "Him".   If it's going to be a Supernatural Childbirth then God is going to take care of all the details and it will be because of what Jesus did and not what you did.  

His words were so simple, but a HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders.  By his words, I was repositioned from a stance of self-righteousness to a stance of GRACE. 

Now he could have encouraged me to just spend more time with God and decide to take my confessions everyday from now on which is right in a sense, but it would have left me in my own works again and I surely would have disappointed myself and disqualified myself for His blessings.  And even if I would have done all of the spiritual things that I thought earned me the right to this miracle, I still would have thought it wasn’t enough.  Why, because our works will always fail us.  Now going forward I still spent time with God and in His word but I wasn’t doing it to try to get a supernatural childbirth.  I was now fellowshipping with Him in His finished work for me and laying down my life into His hands so that He can move and work in my life.

It’s all in our stance.  You will either stand by your works or rest by His grace.  It can’t be both.  If it’s your works, you will reap the rewards of your works, but if it’s by grace, Hallelujah, it will be grace filled rewards!  I chose to rest in His finished work.

When we step aside to rest and allow the Lord to work on our problems, the results are marvellous.  When we cease from our self-efforts and rest in Him, He can bring forth beautiful outcomes for us because everything that He does is wonderful!

A few weeks later, I experienced the most wonderful supernatural childbirth of my son Elijah who was born natural without a c-section or any type of pain management. They could not understand how it happened but we knew God was ever so mighty in that hospital room that night working His grace and favour all over my body and it wasn't because I was so spiritual or because I prayed so much or because I took enough confessions, it was all because of JESUS!!!

Ephesians 2:6 says “And God raised us up with Christ and SEATED us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus”.  Sitting is a position of rest.   Many of us want our problems solved first before we adopt an attitude of rest. 

You allow Almighty God to work in you, through you and in your circumstances when you rest. Sometimes, it may seem like He is not doing anything when you rest. Don’t be tempted then to move out of that position. You can’t do more than He can! Stay seated—at rest—knowing that He is working behind the scenes, causing all things to work out for good!

The supply of His grace, health, provision, peace and whatever we need is always flowing toward us because of the cross.  But when we worry and strive to solve the problem ourselves, we choke that supply.

Now does this mean that we don’t do anything?  Surely not.  Whatever we need to do, we do with an inward rest, without worrying, knowing that He loves us, is in charge and is for us. 

You see before this revelation I was carrying this weight of believing for these wonderful things that the Word promises us but I just kept feeling disappointed in myself when I wouldn’t do what I felt needed to be done and not seeing the desired results.  I was being so works conscious rather than grace conscious.  I was trying to earn what Jesus has already so freely given us. 

All we need to do is spend time fellowshipping with Him, discovering His great love for us and what Jesus accomplished on the cross.  The more I do this, the more I get to know God as my loving daddy whom I talk to about everything.  I love Him so much and I’m able to open myself up to experience this love and His great blessings because I’m no longer trying to earn it.

I encourage you to stop trying to make it all happen through your own strength and wisdom. Cease from trying and start trusting the Lord. Let Him work in and through you to overcome your challenges accomplish your dreams and fulfill His plans and purposes for your life. When God does it with His wisdom, power and timing, it can only be perfect!


  1. What an incredible and powerful post!

  2. I'm inspired by your words Tammy to give myself permission to stop and rest in His grace. Thank you for sharing.