Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring is around the corner!!!

Spring is around the corner!!!
I know you can't see it yet with all that snow on the ground, but it is... it's coming!!!!
God has been so faithful with the guest blogs this last year. During the summer I was running with three prepared posts each week ready to go. Then the last portion of Guest blogs, God had one ready in advance for the goal of one a week. It amazed me every time I even slightly worried with what was going to be posted, God would touched the right heart, with the right words every time!!
Through those blogs we have had an incredible time getting to know soooo many of you beautiful women!! I am so excited for the future of each of you!!! Seeing so many passionately pursue God with all of your hearts has encouraged me so much and pushed me to continually look deeper into my own journey!!
It has felt like God has been building in me through all of you a challenge to write again... and not because... I want to... something I LOVE LOVE LOVE about the concept of the guest blogs is that the focus is not on me but the AMAZING stories from YOU!!! I feel as though every time that the focus is on me I become quite aware of all the areas in which I need to grow as a lover of God. But maybe that is why it's my time again.
Tomorrow is March 1st and God has challenged me to invest some more of myself and my journey into Passionate Women. So a new season is here yet again for our blog!!!
Not sure at this point what it's going to look like yet... but please join me in prayer as I listen to hear from the Holy Spirit to write what God has been doing in my life through out the next few weeks.
Please continue to follow along and be a part of the blog through commenting. If any of you have something you would like to share in the form of a guest post feel free to still pass it along!!! ( Although the focus won't be on guest blogs for a time, I still would love to include a different voice and perspective each month!!
Love you all lots and lots

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