Friday, March 15, 2013

Freedom Friday: For Health

Lately I have been just feeling so overwhelmed with life. In a good way. We all are here on earth for only a time. So I just look over my life and I am just thankful.

Adam's grandparents just yesterday celebrated their 60th Anniversary. We stood in their front entrance as we wished them a Happy Anniversary and Grandpa said something that was so profound. He started reading the speech he had prepared to honour his wife and his family. The first thing he said was that when he looks back on his life and then look upon his family the first word that comes to his mind is Fortunate. Our extended family has not gone through life unscathed, but we have been fortunate. No tragedy has fallen upon our families. Fortunate. Wow.

What a beautiful way to express a life.

That is how I feel. I look upon my husband. I look upon my kids... and I think wow. I am fortunate. I think on the trials we have gone through. I take account of how healthy my five girls are... I look at my husband and see such a strong man, in spirit and in body. I think of my life and I am fortunate that I have not encountered tragedy.

I have been thinking about the word blessed. Although I feel blessed. I am so aware of how not encountering certain things in my life doesn't equal a blessed life. I feel fortunate. I feel the grace of God. We all have been given such specific paths in life. With that path, God gives us the grace to go through it. God's unfailing love washes over us in every circumstance. Every good moment and every difficult one too. One life is not more blessed then the next. If you are following the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life staying sensitive to hear Him. We can all say. I am fortunate! God has given me the grace.

The last few weeks I have felt under the weather. But as I sit back and rest I just think on the grace of God. I thank God for my health. I thank God for the journey He has us on. Well... I am graced to know... with God all things are possible!! He has His hand on us through every moment... when we are weak and when we are strong.

So today... I am thankful for my life and the life of each of my kids and my husband. And I give to God the health of my family. I lay our physical health into God's hands and praise Him for helping us through every circumstance we go through as a family. May He grace us for what is on the horizon. May we be prepared spirit, mind and body to be led by Him!!! Knowing He is always there...

I exchange Fear for Joy!!!

~Lord help us to always rely on you. May we not take for granted our health and the circumstances that we live in. May we not take for granted the health of our children, and our spouses. May the small moments of weakness in our lives only lead us to you!!! May they point to You who is our source!!~

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  1. Life with our family is the most precious gift we have. I am very happy for you.