Friday, March 29, 2013

Freedom Friday: Jesus

I have been praying.

I have been a Christian for many many years.

And yet I don't believe I have yet encountered a clear revelation of how powerful Jesus dying on the cross actually is.

I "get it."

I understand why it happened.

But I have yet to gain a revelation. You know, a deep and heartfelt thankfulness and awe.

I embrace my salvation. I live in the freedom joyfully.

But I know there is a new depth that God is pressing me towards.

God's plan all along was Jesus.

Everything led to Jesus.

I am nothing... I would be merely a striving mess if it were not for Jesus sacrificing His life.

So why do I still strive... why do I not just rest.

Today Good Friday, I pray for a new found passion.

The payment for sin... is death.

He died for me.

He is my redeemer.

By His wounds I am healed.

The old has passed the new has come.

I am a new creation.

Hmmmm... may my focus lead me to Jesus' FINISHED work on the cross.

May my freedom alone be found in Jesus Christ son of the God most high!!!

I just read a beautiful quote by Christine Caine online

"There was something joyful on the other side of the cross that allowed Him to endure the shame & brutality of the cross - "us" #unfathomable"

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