Monday, March 4, 2013

Meditation Monday: "Straight and Narrow Path"

I have often been frustrated that God has not yet put the clear and perfect picture of our future in front of us... it feels as though we have been following after Him learning and growing but not yet knowing what our goal/destiny...  is. Recently I have been circling that thought again.

The last couple months I have been journaling a lot. My mom bought me this beautiful journal for Christmas and it totally inspired me to be writing down what God has been speaking to me again. So for Meditation Monday I figured it would be a cool opportunity to fill you in with the gentle nudging from God on this area of my life.

....this is my journey right now....

Jan. 13th "If our expectation is in God we will never be disappointed." Pastor Steve.

Jan. 14th "God I pray that I will walk in your presence habitually, that you will send Your angel with me, and that you will prosper me" (from Gen.24:40)

Jan. 16th "I feel as though I have been waiting on God. But I don't know what for... maybe I need to find more quiet space to hear from Him."

"While I wait on God, it is important for me to take my position to stay faithful. Then like Joseph, God will raise me up in His timing. Be faithful as you wait on God.  Do your work well, and people will see that God's hand is upon you for good." Joyce Meyers

Jan. 21st. "I pray that I don't get in the way of all that you want to be done. Show me clearly what is you and what is merely my humanity. May I represent you well, humbly and quietly with wisdom behind Your Holy Spirit led words."

Jan. 30th. " Lord we are in your hands. We look to you to lead our family and future. God we need your hand and guidance. Help us to let go and lay down all areas of our life."

Feb. 19th "Lord, I am not sure what the bigger picture you want out of me... God birth a vision of a bigger dream for me that fulfills the calling for my life that you desire for me."

"Hmmm, God has created me with many "abilities". I have many options that I could have and could still pursue. But God has kept me on this path... a path that is straight and narrow, one that leads straight back to Him, my heart and my longing pulls to things that are not of this Earth but are greater. For eternal purposes and focus. For lives to be changed and brought back to the heart of the Lord. For love to be poured over to those around me. For acceptance and pure kindness to be seen."

Feb. 20th I dreamt of a straight and narrow path.

God has a path for each of us... one that has been specifically paved for our lives and for what God has already placed in us to express and be a part of. Our focus should not be on the end game but the journey to get there.

The other night Adam came home with a bag... and in the bag was a treat... as the kids headed up to the table for dinner, Adam went upstairs to get changed and I followed to find out how his day went..... moments later I came back down to Leanna holding the bag. She had looked into the bag and saw that Dad had brought home dessert for the family. Immediately I said to Leanna. "Lela, that was meant to be a special surprise after you were done your dinner. You looked too early and now it won't be as exciting. Now all you will be thinking about while you eat your dinner is the dessert."

Then it hit me...

... here I have been praying and striving to find out what the treat is at the end of my path... and God spoke to me in that moment. It's okay not to know what that final "dessert" is... all I need to know is that God has something special that he is aiming my life towards. My job is to enjoy what I have in front of me right now. If I focus on Him then before I know it... God will have placed that "treat" in front of me... How exciting is that!!!!!!!!

So friends, that is where I am at... Looking forward to the weeks to come as I press into all that God is putting on my heart!!

Lots of love


  1. hahahah love the dessert thing!

  2. So true. Too often I am planning that life will be better when...Live it now.

  3. Such a great visual with the path coupled together with the dessert revelation. As long as each day our focus is on God we will end up doing exactly what God intended us to do all along as we walk the path He prepared for us, no worries or confusion necessary Thanks!

  4. What a great word Nicole, we so need to reminded of resting and enjoying our journey, now