Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Life is a Journey

This week I have been rocked again in how God works when it comes to life...

Life is a journey... not a season...

I need to stop "copping out" and calling things a season. I have to instead embrace the Journey that God sends me on. I have been feeling like when I put such a clear and distinct line in the sand of boxing things into a season... I miss out on enjoying every step that comes my way.
I need to let go of writing my own future and let God write it instead!

A good example of that would be our first baby!

Adam and I had been married for 3mths when I found out we were pregnant... what a shock into reality!!! We were on the pill with our plan to wait for a year then discuss when to "start" having a family. Instead we were thrown off with the "new" plan... Sort of funny when I look back... we should never be surprised.. with life... instead I should be connected to God and the Holy Spirit growing and listening to Him preparing me for every part of the journey.

If I am in line learning and growing on this journey, every step should be an opportunity to embrace and put back into the hands of God.

Another example of that in a positive way was when I ended up in the hospital 3 years ago. Weird I know thinking that it was a good thing. But I believe with all of my heart that it was meant to take us out... that moment in time was intended to cause chaos in my spirit... but instead I had a peace knowing that God was in control.  Isn't that interesting??

With this in mind, I will choose to embrace the journey. I will embrace the best route and the best plan laid out by God. So much better then my plan!!

~Lord gives us the strength to hear your voice in each part of the journey, preparing us and leading us towards our future. Help us to embrace each moment enjoying it as it comes. Help us to plan wisely but loosely knowing that You are the writer of our story!!~

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