Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: "Relying on God"

Funny, I am still finding myself pressing in to understand how to trust God more. Inherently there is a deep core believe in all humanity that God is holding out on us. Stems from the example of the Garden of Eden. We were created in the image of God, and yet, we decided God was still holding out on us. There for we needed to take things in our own hands... hmmmm didn't go well for them. So why do I choose to do the same at times still now??

I am learning how much I need to rely on God. Through that I will find favor in my life!


So it's Throw Back Thursday.... let's see.... what is an example that I have learned from the past on the topic of relying on God??

Well I guess one would be my first dating relationship.

He was a good man. 4 years older than me. Which means at the young age of 14... that was a pretty drastic age difference. He was in his first year of college and I was in grade 10. That didn't stop a blooming relationship.

BUT, It wasn't right. We dated for almost three years. Pushing through what I knew wasn't the right fit. We had lots of fun times, but LOTS of not so fun times. There were phone calls that would last over 1/2hr with out any words. I had no idea how to communicate and He was just as stubborn as I was at times too. We also struggled with personality differences. I loved being out and social, and he was more of a laid back personality who enjoyed staying home. Which meant that we didn't have a whole lot in common. Slowly it became focused on the feelings and emotions, then on a God blessed relationship.

I remember one night as I tried to forced myself to believe that he was the one I was meant to marry I prayed, "God, you will make all things out to be good in this relationship if we were to get married? Right?" Crazy enough but this was one of the first questions I had asked of God about the relationship.

Clearly God spoke to my heart. "A marriage should not be based on a prayer asking Me to make it into good."

So then heartbroken to loose the relationship, we broke up.

It was really really hard. I really cared about him. BUT, I knew that what I was not in God's will.

After that, I prayed "Lord do not bring another man into my life until the man who I am meant to marry!!!"

A short time later....... I met this new young red headed boy on the other side of the church doors, holding it closed on me giggling!!! What a guy!!!

This was a God relationship. Although the beginning was difficult, I had NEVER ever prayed so much in my life or relied so much on God to lead me through the trials. I knew with out a shadow of doubt that it was God and that this man was the right one. I had a peace about the relationship from the beginning!!!

Now looking back on the years Adam and I have had together. Am I ever thankful that I chose to lay my will down and to trust that God had the right man for me! I cannot deny the blessing and favor that I feel within our marriage. It's not perfect, but I know, God chose him for me. All I needed to do was rely on God to be the one to show me!!!

This April we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage!!! Soooo thankful that God brought Adam into my life!!!

Thank you God for teaching me, consistently how to rely on you more!!! As I continue to go through life and what it brings I will choose to learn more and more to trust in You!!!

~God I pray that You will teach us through the circumstances that life brings to trust and rely on You. May our eyes stay focused on You and how much You care for us!! Help us to deny the lie that you are holding out on us!!! Help us to see Your will to prosper and bless every aspect of our lives!!!~

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