Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Toddler Tuesday : "Starting Point!!"



Okay, well I am so pumped about the first week of Toddler Tuesday!

To start I have to pre-curser the obvious. As a parent I have limited experience!! I am only heading into 9 years of this journey and have only encountered the parenting of my 5 girls. But what I do have is a heart to learn and grow as a parent. With that in mind I am so excited to be talking about how to become an awesome more purposeful parent!
(is there a way to underline twice...*giggle)

We are all on our own journey with our little bundles of joy (or lack there-of sometimes *wink wink*). But God has called each of us to parent OUR children in the way that He directs US to parent them!!! He has entrusted us with each individual personality and spirit! I believe with all of my heart that if you have the ears to hear and eyes to see, the incredible mother that is deeply rooted within you by God will come out naturally and supernaturally as you grow as a parent!!! It's my goal not to give a "rule book" or a "have to" way of doing things, but to merely give an opportunity to use my experience to enhance yours or give you something new to process!
~May the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts each week as we learn to hear Gods voice in the area of being an amazing mother!!~
Starting Point!
Our starting point didn't come from the start but has matured as the years have gone by and the more children we had. A few years ago we really felt impressed upon us to make clear the vision of what we are doing as parents. Adam being the fantastic communicator he is put into two words what our heart desire is to accomplish. We now constantly repeat this line and have our kids repeat it back to us. It's simple and all encompassing.
Our job as a parent is to: TEACH and PROTECT!
Like I said simple but so important to be able to push deep within our spirit to function out of. As a parent if I am choosing in all circumstances to either teach or protect (and at times both) most things will come out clearer when trying to work through something with the kids. It creates a way for them to repeat to us what our job is as their parent, which then solidifies in their minds our authority in their lives.
To teach and protect there are lots of ways that we can do so in a positive and ... dare I say it... a negative way... which as the weeks go by we can discuss but for now, this is our starting point.
Diving Deeper:
1. What would be your personal goal as a parent?
2. Create a personal parenting statement out of that goal that simply states your heart.

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