Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toddler Tuesday:Freedom

Interestingly enough when thinking about toddlers the last thing that usually comes to mind is teaching them freedom. But the more I learn about parenting the more that it becomes forefront in my mind.

Last week when talking to the group of teen girls I was reminded again how important it is!!!

So why IS freedom so important?

"In the beginning, God created mankind to be free. There were no constraints in the Garden. Adam and Eve were running around naked. (see Gen. 2:25) - no bras, no underwear, no bathing suits, nothing. This is God's intended version of your life: absolute freedom.  But what made the garden free? It wasn't that they were naked. No, the Garden was free because of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. "What?" you ask. "That's the bad tree! How could that lead them to freedom?" Well, if they hadn't had the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in that Garden, they would have been trapped in a paradise prison. Without the option of making a poor choice in that environment, they would not have been free." (Danny Silk Loving our kids on purpose)

Now lets look back a bit on what we talked about last week thinking about our role as parents imitating the heart of God. Corinthians 3:17 declares, "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty." He cares about freedom so much!!!!

"This story (the garden of Eden) shows us the importance of freedom to our loving Father. Without the freedom to reject Him, we are powerless to choose Him. Obedience is a choice."(Danny Silk)

SO, fast forwarding a bit.. SIN then came into the world and then also did the need for external punishment... In order to be close to God we needed to be completely free from sin. Basically in my opinion impossible. So then what did God do.... freedom was such a huge deal to God... such a BIG deal He sacrificed His Son!!! What drastic measures... shouldn't freedom be just as important to us when talking about how to parent our kids?

Now if we look at how God designed the kingdom of heaven... we find out that it is not a place of External government. Jesus didn't come down to rule over us hammering out demands and scaring us into the way it's supposed to be... So when we train our kids to obey using external threats in a fear manner... we cause them to build an unhealthy view of what God designed our lives to be functioning in!

We need to learn to parent in a way that deals with the inside out. Which means some of us may need to do some pretty serious introspective working out of our own faith!!!

To sum it up... or at least start to....
We need to choose to give our children the opportunity to make poor decisions. We need to not be so "surprised" when they sin. We need to teach them the consequences of poor choices with out shame, blame or guilt. They will to our bewilderment one day be an adult in that free world making their own decisions for themselves. So our job is to prepare them for that freedom. I love this quote!!! "They(our children) are absolute geniuses, and if you just give them some power to practice with, if you treat them like they have a brain that works, they will make you marvel."

Hmmmmm I think that's lots to process... It certainly has been for me and continues to be!!! Parenting will be a life long journey!!! What a ride!!!

Thanks for being a part of my story friends!!!

~Lord thank you for giving us freedom. Because without freedom we would not have the opportunity to love you. God give us a new revelation on what it means to parent in an internal way, teaching our kids to do things because it's right, not because we have created rules and punishment to scare them into the right decision. Bless each and every one of us as we continue to walk out becoming a more purposeful parent!!~

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