Friday, April 5, 2013

Freedom Friday: Perfection

YUP I did just totally miss yesterday. I do have a post... but I couldn't put it together with the final "Peace" to know it was true to the heart of the message... SOOO I didn't post. I think it's so important not to just spout thoughts and stories with out a final check with the Holy Spirit. I am learning slowly to not just jump. Check, double check, then pray... and wait for the rest in my spirit. When it is done... it should be a good one... It's on a pretty hot topic.. so be sure to look for it next week on Thursday!!!


I am being stirred a lot lately on the whole idea of only portraying the "perfect" life. How we need to not compare ourselves to others highlight reels. And then to only post our perfection moments!!! I am learning step by step to be real. To be open. To be honest.

Isn't that what the whole Christian life is meant to be... isn't it wrapped up in the FACT that NONE of us are perfect.... no matter how hard we tried before Christ... there was absolutely NO way that we could ever be in right standing with our Father. Still now... with the forgiveness of our sins our "righteousness" or right standing with God, ONLY comes from the fact that Jesus paid the price for us! It isn't what we do, how we do it or even how much we acknowledge that we fail. None of it has anything to do with US!


The "Proverbs 31 Woman" is a good verse to learn how to be a good steward in all that we put our hands to... but it was never meant to create condemnation in our lives... to create guilt and shame for never living up to all that we feel that we are "supposed" to be.

Our FOCUS should always be on God. Lord, may my eyes always be looking straight up to you. I know that through You, my priorities will all line up. My "doing" will be more likely to line up with your purposes for my life and comparisons won't find it's way creeping into my life!!!

I desire to be set free!!!

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