Monday, April 22, 2013

Meditation Monday: "Vacate"

Well I'm back...

For those who didn't know last week my hubby and I headed down south to Pigeon Forge,Tennessee. (I am pretty sure I can't say that now with out the Tennessee slur.) Then up into the smoky mountains to relax in a secluded cabin. IT was truly AMAZING!!!

Now to back up a bit... we've been thinking and praying about this vacation for about a year... knowing our 10th anniversary was coming up we wanted to be able to do something special.

About four years ago we went to the Dominican to an all inclusive resort. It was so good!!! The resort totally made sense for the season we were in!! That being said... it was a stretch... spiritually. I remember the one night... sitting on the bed. Adam was pacing... and I just felt a HUGE spiritual oppression on us. I couldn't figure it out and it absolutely unsettled me!!! The two of us were really struggling with keeping our minds in check. I had brought some pretty cool books to read, brought my devotionals and my bible... and didn't pick it up once. We went on vacation purposing to do some future planing and praying and didn't even breach the topic. We had fun, but left a bit empty. No further along then when we left.

I am totally going out on a limb here and may press some buttons... so feel free to chalk it up as our thought process. That being said, we started thinking about resorts. Hmmm.... When you head to an all inclusive resort.... what is the purpose of going there... to put it bluntly it's to be waited on hand and foot. You go to satisfy selfish desire. I deserve, I want, I eat, I drink, I do...

Now there are seasons when... to be honest... that is super super appealing!!! This 10 year anniversary didn't seem to be that season for us. Were we needing some time to refocus... yes, rest yes. But looking back on our vacation to the Dominican. We came back physically rested, but we were not "at rest." We spent a whole week, doing nothing but, we also gained nothing. There was no progression, no growth.

So we started praying. Then in March Adam challenged me.  He asked me to follow along with what God had been speaking to him. He started by posing this question,

 "What is the root word of Vacation?"

Whaaa??? Super random question!!!! Hmmm...

THEN it HIT ME!!! I knew where he was going "Vacate."
The root word is VACATE! Are you telling me that all this time we have been planing on vacating???

I HAVE NEVER NEVER thought of that... (not to get all super spiritual on merely a word but this really hit a chord for where we were at) Here we have been processing and talking about Vacating life. Leaving it all behind for a well deserved time away from life. LIFE! God has given us this life. These children, our jobs, our life. Then things started to settle into place. We couldn't think of one area in the bible where God tells us that we should vacate life to become more rested. The only place that we could think of where someone left "life" was when a person would go to the wilderness alone to pray and wait on the voice of God.

That's when the question was posed. What is the purpose of this "vacation." Do we desire to leave life behind to satisfy selfishness?? A bit dramatic... but that's how deeply God was stirring.

Our desire for the time away was to come back not just rested, but "at rest." Not just satisfied with food, but fed emotionally and spiritually. Not just to think about how far we have come in 10 years but to pray and dream about what we want our next 10 years to look like. We really felt a HUGE conviction to be purposeful.

And so the idea came. A cabin, in the "wilderness." Somewhere that we could be purposeful with our time with out the constant pull to satisfy selfish desires.

So that's what we did!!!!

We prayed, we read, we planned. We put onto paper our Family Core values, our "rallying cry" and our objectives for the next 2-6mths!!! For the first time since we have been married our future is put into focus!!!

Now we are back. Day one of the next beautiful 10 years!!! Life is good!!! We are so excited with what God has in store for our lives as individuals and as a family!!!

God Bless you all as we continue on learning and growing as families!!!

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