Monday, April 29, 2013

Meditation Monday: My life IS worship.

A challenge and building passion has been hitting me over the last couple months with the continued revelation that my life is worship to God.

By the pure fact that God created me for His pleasure, concludes that He had enjoyment in who I would be even before I was in existence. Such a comfort comes when I realize... before I could do, serve, create anything, He had pleasure in who I was.

*Sigh*, deep breath of relief.

Take that in friends. God found pleasure in you... before you could bring anything to Him.

So then living a life of worship to God should be simple, not a heavy burden. It should be as easy as lifting our eyes to Him.

The manner in which we live worship to God, I believe comes out in the little things, the organic, common moments, where we allow the presence of our Father to engulf our lives. It's in the natural day to day life, where we please our Father. It's in the smile we give our children. It's the small conversation to our neighbor that says they are valued enough to spend time with. It's in the running your hand through your hubby's hair, to show you love him. It's in the simplicity of preferring another over yourself. It's in the whispered prayers through out the day.

So sit back for a moment. Let it soak in. God loves you. His first purpose of your life is to show you that He Loves YOU! That He enjoys YOU. YOU, not what you've done. Purely and simply just YOU. Once we realize that.... it becomes a joy to live. We are loved and accepted beyond all things.

Blessings today as we rest in God's love.

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